Bible Questions and Answers

These questions and answers are drawn from the book Top 100 Questions Asked Christians by Nelson Miller. Please direct comments or questions to him at

Part I: Big Questions

  1 How Do I Know God Exists?

  2 What Is God Like?

  3 Why Does a Good God Allow Evil?

  4 Who Needs Religion?

  5 Is Jesus Truly God in Human Form?

  6 Does My Life Have a Purpose?

  7 Must I Believe in Original Sin?

  8 Can I Really Live Forever?

  9 Do Miracles Really Happen?

10 What’s So Important About Faith?

11 Why Should I Care About Worship?

Part II: The Bible

12 What’s So Special About the Bible?

13 Who Wrote the Bible?

14 Who Selected and Arranged the Bible’s Books?

15 Does the Bible Leave Out Important Books?

16 Do Translations Change the Bible?

17 How Can Christians Believe the Bible Inerrant?

18 Why Do People Disagree About the Bible?

19 Is the Bible’s Context Still Relevant?

20 Do the Ten Commandments Still Apply?

21 Are Idols Still a Concern?

22 Did God Truly Part the Red Sea?

23 How Did the Old Testament Prefigure Jesus?

24 Did Jesus Really Walk on Water?

25 Why Did God Tell Abraham to Sacrifice Isaac?

26 Why Did God Destroy So Many People?

27 What Does Speaking in Tongues Mean?

28 What Is Demon Possession?

29 What's Up with the Bible and Numbers?

30 What Role Does the Bible Give Angels?

31 How Does the Bible Say the World Ends?

32 What Is Jesus’s Second Coming?

33 What Will Heaven Be Like?

Part III: Christian Doctrine

34 What’s So Important About Resurrection?

35 Where Was Jesus with His Body in the Tomb?

36 What Exactly Is Salvation?

37 Can I Lose My Salvation?

38 What Is Baptism?

39 What Is Sanctification?

40 Why Did Jesus Teach in Parables?

41 Why Believe in the Virgin Birth?

42 Why Did Jesus Die on a Cross?

43 How Can God Be Three in One?

44 What Is the Holy Spirit?

45 What Differs Between the Spirit and Soul?

46 Why Is Blaspheming the Spirit Unforgivable?

47 Is One Sin Worse than Another?

48 Do Christians Follow God’s Law?

49 Does God Choose Some but Not Others?

50 Why Do Christians Tithe?

51 Is the Rapture Really Coming?

Part IV: Other Ways

52 Isn’t Christianity Dying?

53 Isn’t Christianity a Western Invention?

54 Aren’t Morals a Matter of Opinion?

55 Isn’t Sincerity All that Counts?

56 Aren’t All Religions Just Rituals?

57 Can’t One Get to Heaven Many Ways?

58 Isn’t Christianity Exclusive?

59 Don’t All Religions Have the Same God?

60 Hasn’t Evolution Disproved Christianity?

61 Aren’t God Sightings Just Chance?

62 Aren’t Eastern Religions Superior?

63 Do Others Really Persecute Christians?

64 Isn’t Christianity Just a Lifestyle?

65 Isn’t It All About Balance?

Part V: Scandals and Scoundrels

66 Isn’t Religion to Blame for Wars?

67 What About the Crusades and Inquisition?

68 Didn't Missionaries Wipe Out Natives?

69 Doesn’t the Bible Support Slavery?

70 Don’t Christians Oppress Women?

71 Why Are Preachers So Corrupt?

72 Why Does God Allow Suffering?

73 Why Does God Let Children Die?

74 Isn’t God Egotistical for Demanding Worship?

75 Why Does Hell Exist?

76 Why Are Christians So Judgmental?

77 Why Do Christians Have Problems with Sex?

78 Why Do Christians Act Like Everyone Else?

79 Isn’t Christianity All About Mind Control?

80 Why Have So Many Christian Denominations?

81 Who Killed Jesus?

Part VI: Application

82 Can I Know God Personally?

83 Could God Even Be My Friend?

84 Can I Hear God Speak to Me?

85 Does God Answer Prayer?

86 Is Prophecy Still Alive Today?

87 Why Attend Church?

88 Why Do Christians Care About Israel?

89 Can Christ Save Those Who Commit Suicide?

90 Isn’t Death Simply Annihilation?

91 What Happens to Those Who Never Hear of Jesus?

92 Do Animals Go to Heaven?

93 What Does God Think About Money?

94 Does Christian Faith Affect One’s Work?

95 How Do I Obey God?

96 Am I Able to Please God?

97 What Are Christian Disciplines?

98 Can Christians Have Any Fun?

99 Who Tempts Me, God or Satan?

100 Why Should I Trust God?