Special Treasures

For students with special needs

Due to Covid restrictions, Special Treasures will not be meeting for the 2020-2021 season. 

Please contact Lyn VanTol with questions or concerns at lvantol@ghclc.org. 

Our Mission
To partner with families in leading individuals of all abilities to take the next steps in developing an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ.

Our Vision
To provide individuals of all abilities a warm, safe, and secure environment in which they can hear, see, and learn about Jesus. To provide a place where individuals of all abilities can serve and build a relationship with God and others in the church community.

What We Do
We provide an inclusive program that works with parents to find the right balance for each individual student. Also, our student areas have a Special Treasures room equipped with swings, as well as magnetic walls, ipads, and other sensory items to help engage individuals of all abilities.


Lyn VanTol, Director of Family Ministries
lvantol@ghclc.org  | 616-847-2540.


Regatta & Crew

After School Program

Due to Covid restrictions, Regatta will not be meeting for the 2020-2021 season. Please contact Deb Knott with questions or concerns at dknott@ghclc.org.