Covenant Life's doors are open at all points in your faith journey. For your next step, consider joining Covenant Life Church.  Covenant Life members encourage and care for one another. Your church family shares your happiness and sorrow. Contact for more information on joining Covenant Life Church.

What is Membership?

Membership isn’t a set of requirements. You need not attend so-many services a year, volunteer in so-many ministries, or commit to a certain level of giving. The body of believers benefits from your celebratory attendance, volunteer service, and generous giving, but membership is much more than a list of things to do and boxes to check.

Why Membership?

Every believer who confesses Christ joins his body with equal access to the Father and equal assurance of eternal life. A local church is not a club. Like the ancient Jewish temple, Covenant Life has a big courtyard where members and non-members, indeed believers and non-believers, can meet and converse in Christ’s love. Yet formally committing to care for one another in a local church can carry special meaning.

Who is a Member?

Covenant Life maintains an online church directory available to members. The church directory lists the membership status of the included individuals and families with contact information so that members can connect with one another. You can check the directory for your membership status or email with that request.

What Jesus Said About Church

When Jesus used the Greek word  that we translate as church in Matthew 16:18, the word carried the meaning of a called-out community. Jesus calls us out into a body of believers unified not by heritage, ethnicity, affinities, politics, or socioeconomic status, but by our commitment to him. He builds his church and his community on our confession that he is the Messiah, Son of the Living God.

Watch Via Livestream

You don’t have to come to the physical church to be a member. The body of believers meets you wherever you are. If you are unable to attend services in person, we offer an option to livestream the service as it happens, or watch it later at your convenience.

  If you would like more information about becoming a member, please contact Pastor Marshall Holtvluwer at 616-847-2540 ext# 1003.