Ramp Ministry (SWAT)

Servants With Appropriate Tools

History of the SWAT Ministry:

While attending a startup church in the area, Ed Gundy was asked by his wife, who was working at Love, Inc. as to whether or not he could get a couple of guys together and build a handicap ramp for an individual that had not been able to get out of her home for several years. Ed called his friend Ken Souter and they built the ramp.  The need for ramps continued. Love in Action kept calling. In 1998, after joining Covenant Life, the two of them recruited other CLC members. In 2003, SWAT officially began.

At this point, each of the volunteers would bring their own personal tools to a ramp build. The guys then asked the CLC congregation for financial assistance to purchase necessary tools and a trailer to store them in to help with the construction of ramps. Samples of the tools needed were brought into church one Sunday morning and after a collection was taken, there was almost nothing left to buy. At the end of the second service the trailer was paid for.

The SWAT team has built several hundred ramps in the 25 (approximate) years it’s been in existence. SWAT has also been involved in numerous community projects.

For those who are in need of a Ramp:

Requests for ramps come primarily from Love in Action. They may also come from individuals, other churches, The City of Grand Haven, 4 Points, etc. We build ramps within the Love in Action, Grand Haven boundaries. We only build permanent ramps.

A financial assessment takes place first to determine the need. The SWAT team then does the design and estimating. The individual receiving the ramp must pay Love in Action for the materials and obtain the building permit before construction begins. The SWAT team then builds the ramp.

If you or someone you know is in need of a ramp, please fill out this form below and someone will contact you shortly.

Ramp Request Form