Steve and Sarah Caton

Michigan has such a fond place in our hearts, as does Covenant Life! We served with you from about 2002-2010 in the areas of Worship/Arts and Children’s Ministry. Our daughters, Elyse and Kyla were born during our time at CLC. You played a huge role in preparing us to take the Good News to the UK, and we love that we get to continue to serve together to reach Europe with God’s love!

Today, you’ll find us in Bicester, England, serving with Greater Europe Mission. We provide leadership and training for our church and local church network. Sarah serves GEM by providing care and leadership to the missionaries in the South of the UK, and Steve serves on GEM’s Spiritual Life Team, helping our fellow GEM missionaries stay connected with God.

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Bob and Marcia Vermaire

In 2013, Bob, a family practice physician, was working in a practice in Muskegon, and his wife Marcia, an RN, worked part time in home care. In 2014 they made a two year commitment to work with Global Partners alongside the Haitian medical staff at the Wesleyan hospital on the island of La Gonave, Haiti. They had no idea God would work on their hearts to keep them there longer, partnering with CLC to come along side to teach and mentor, love and support medical staff and visitors. Many years later, they have no regrets!

If we follow Jesus we all have a mission--to love God and to love our neighbors. It's a great mission! It's also a privilege to see God at work in the lives of our brothers and sisters in Haiti and in the lives of the Church in North America, as we all respond together to the needs of the poor, our neighbors.

Marcia and Bob believe that the obvious needs of the people in the developing world for resources and encouragement and education are matched by the need of those of us in the North American Church to learn from those with less about the compassionate heart of Jesus and how we are to use the gifts God has given us in his Kingdom! Their need causes us to wrestle with God to understand how we faithfully follow the teachings of Jesus.

Most recently, they came out of Haiti because of the instability there and have spent three months at a hospital in Kamakwie, Sierra Leone, Africa; another place with great need. Every day they look forward to seeing God transform hearts and lives (including their own) in unexpected ways.

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Eric and Judith

Since 2002, Eric & Judith have been serving in Central and Western Asia and are now ministering with an international focus on least reached communities. Eric serves with a ministry team equipping, encouraging, and envisioning leaders in discipleship, sharing our faith, and in church planting principles and tools. Judith is part of a prayer team, equipping and providing prayer leadership for their organization as they work across the globe with prayer leaders, teams, and believers on the ground. They are working remotely and traveling internationally to catalyze and empower followers of Christ to reach out to the 3 billion+ people who have limited possibility to hear the gospel.