Women's Conference 2024

Worship Experience

Join us as we prepare our hearts for IF:Gathering

  • Friday, February 23, 7- 8pm

  • Covenant Life Church 101 Columbus, Grand Haven, MI 49456 616-847-2540

  • No cost or registration required.

  • Childcare is not provided. Nursing infants welcome


IF:Gathering Simulcast

Covenant Life is excited to host the 10-Year Celebration of IF: Gathering. 

In 2014 IF:Gathering began with one question: "If God is real, then what?" IF:2024 is a chance to gather. A reason to celebrate. A moment to refocus on our mission to go make disciples because we know our time on earth is short. And if Jesus were to come back in our lifetime, wouldn't we want to have done everything in our power to reach every person on earth?

  • Saturday, February 24, 9am-5:30pm

  • Covenant Life Church 101 Columbus, Grand Haven, MI 49456 616-847-2540

  • Doors will open 30 minutes before the scheduled event time.

  • The conference includes lunch and light snacks.

  • Childcare is not provided. Nursing infants welcome

  • Tickets are $25.

  • College Pass and Scholarships are available,
    please contact the host.

Join us as we gather in worship, learn biblical truths, and grow in relationship with other women.

Call 616.847.2540 with questions or for more information.


Learn more about IF:2024

Contact the Host

Men's Conference

Saturday, March 2, 2024

Along with our Women's If conference, we will be having a half-day conference for men, as well.  

What if God wrote your bucket list? What if you live in conflict? What if Jesus IS who He says He IS? Then what?!?

Jay Payleitner, nationally know author, speaker, and conference leader will guide us through these topics in a morning filled with fellowship, worship and gaining wisdom.

Saturday, March 2, 7:30 am

Covenant Life Church 101 Columbus, Grand Haven, MI 49456 616-847-2540

The conference includes breakfast

Tickets are $15/adult, $5/teens (Scholarships available. Contact Dan Luytjes at

Register for THEN: Men's Conference

Shine 365

Do you have a special talent or skill that you could share with others in need? How do you Shine for Jesus? Maybe you volunteer in UPstreet or a local food bank. Perhaps you visit shut-ins or make meals for people. We would like to hear from you! List ways in which you could use your time to help others in our congregation and/or our community. We will contact you as a need arises to see if you might be available at that time. Thank you and keep shining your light!

Examples: Babysitting, volunteering in the church nursery, gardening, praying for others, walking someone's dog, tailoring/sewing, helping someone with their phone or computer, visiting, plumbing, electrical, making bunk beds or ramps, painting, sending cards, counseling, tax preparations, photography, carpooling, or just spending time with someone.

Click here to fill out the Shine 365 Card

Shine 365 with Your Cross

Hundreds of small wooden crosses were distributed in June.  This summer, we ask that you take a cross and leave it some place for another person to find.  (And take a picture of your cross if you can!) After that, share with us by leaving a short note telling us where you left your wooden cross and tell us why you chose this spot. Don't have a cross? Need another one? See the welcome desk at church and Shine 365!

Click here to tell us where you left your cross

Worship on the Waterfront

On Sunday, September 10th our congregation was welcomed at the Lynn Sherwood Stadium to participate in a time of Worship, Fellowship and Song.  It was a beautiful morning with our community and the power of God's presence was felt by all who attended.  Thank you to Pastor Marshall for sharing God's word with us and to Pastor Chris Walker and all of our Praise and Worship team and tech for allowing us to enjoy your talents and gifts.

Click here to view the Waterfront Worship service recording