We define God's mission as all that God is doing in Jesus Christ through the power

of the Holy Spirit to accomplish his redemptive purposes for all of creation.

God calls us individually and collectively to participate in giving witness to his redemptive purposes in Jesus. We primarily participate in giving witness by obedience to three mandates/commissions found in Scripture:

The Great Creation/Cultural Mandate = Image God in creation & culture

(Gen 1:26-31; Gen 12:1-3)

The Great Commandment = Love God & love your neighbor

(Matt 22:34-40; Mk 12:28-34; Lk 10:25-37)

The Great Commission = Make disciples of all nations

(Matthew 28:16-20; Lk 10:1-12)

Local & World Missions

Local Missions

CLC offers financial and personal support for Love In Action. We also operate a bed ministry in house, providing twin and bunk beds at no cost to the community. Our S.W.A.T. ministry (Servants With Appropriate Tools) serves the community by building wheelchair ramps. 

Bed Ministry
Covenant Life Church (in cooperation with local organizations) makes and gives beds to children & adults in our surrounding areas who don’t have a bed to call their own. Since the inception of this program in 2010, we have given away over 700 beds (including mattresses, bedding, and pillows) to those in need.

More Information can be found here. 

World Missions

Vida Abundate Church Partnership, Tegucigalpa, Honduras
CLC partners with Vida Abundate Church with water projects, orphanage, school and Health Clinic in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. We regularly provide opportunities for student and adult mission trips to Honduras.

Arise Rwanda
Providing water, education and micro-finance opportunities are the keystone of John Gasangwa's
Arise Rwanda Ministries.

Latest newsletter

Covenant Life Church offers support to several missionary families around the globe. 

Steve and Sarah Caton

Mission Partners in Spain (name excluded for their protection)
Mission Partners in Turkey (name excluded for their protection)

The Mission Dream Fund
If God leads you to contribute financially to the Dream Fund you can designate a gift to the Dream Fund by following the giving instructions here or write a check to Covenant Life Church and in the memo line designate to missions or to the particular initiative you wish to support.  To see which Dream Funds are still available, click here.  

Marshall Holtvluwer-  Co-Pastor

(616) 847-2540 ext. 101.  mholtvluwer@ghclc.org