What is Membership?

You’ve seen in another discussion why you should consider becoming a member of the church. But what is membership?

Membership isn’t a set of requirements. You need not attend so-many services a year, volunteer in so-many ministries, or commit to a certain level of giving. The body of believers benefits from your celebratory attendance, volunteer service, and generous giving, but membership is much more than a list of things to do and boxes to check. 

Membership is a commitment to one another in the joyful and eternal body of Christ. Membership is stepping across the divine threshold into God’s kingdom. Membership takes one from going it alone in a hard world to joining a happy procession moving ever upward into the Father’s loving embrace, arms opened wide through the great gift of his beloved Son. 

Membership means no longer simply going to a certain church but instead joining a faithful community in celebration of the Lord Jesus Christ. Membership moves you from actions, even such worthwhile actions as regular Sunday church attendance or substantial volunteer service, to being and belonging. Membership takes you from what you do to who you are. 

If you are a member, then celebrate and embrace it. If you wish to become a member, then please see Co-Pastors Bob DeVries or Marshall Holtvluwer, Connections Coordinator Nelson Miller, or any other staff member, or email info@ghclc.org. 

The church holds two to three new-members classes each year when the pastors would learn more about you and how to connect you with the church, after which we’ll celebrate your joining us at a Sunday-morning service. 

Together, we pray that we all grow ever closer in relationship to to the one Lord Jesus Christ.