Who is a Member

You’ve seen in other discussions why you should consider joining the church and what membership is. But who are Covenant Life’s members? 

Covenant Life maintains an online church directory available to members. The church directory lists the membership status of the included individuals and families with contact information so that members can connect with one another. You can check the directory for your membership status or email info@ghclc.org with that request. 

People connect in different ways with churches. While Covenant Life certainly recognizes membership status, the church also recognizes other relationships individuals and families maintain with the church. Those other statuses include regular attenders and friends of the church. The church includes both groups in the directory. 

Don’t worry about losing your membership. The church sets no attendance or other requirement to maintain membership. Individuals and families maintain their membership even while on overseas missions or unable to leave the home, and after moving out of the area. The church periodically reviews its membership roll to ensure it accurately reflects the status of members, for whom the church commits earnestly to care. 

Celebrate and embrace your Covenant Life membership. If you wish to become a member, please see Co-Pastors Bob DeVries or Marshall Holtvluwer, Connections Coordinator Nelson Miller, or any other staff member, or email info@ghclc.org. The church holds two to three new-members classes each year, when the pastors can learn more about you and how to connect you with the church, after which we’ll celebrate your joining us at a Sunday-morning service. 

Together, we pray that we all grow ever closer in relationship to the one Lord Jesus Christ