Why Membership

Many good folks attend church frequently without ever becoming members. Others join. What difference does membership make?

In one respect, none. Every believer who confesses Christ joins his body with equal access to the Father and equal assurance of eternal life. A local church is not a club. Like the ancient Jewish temple, Covenant Life has a big courtyard where members and non-members, indeed believers and non-believers, can meet and converse in Christ’s love. Yet formally committing to care for one another in a local church can carry special meaning. 

Indeed, that commitment to one another in relationship formed in Jesus Christ is Covenant Life membership’s basis. The baptism of a member’s child commits the body to care for the child as a brother or sister in Christ. The marriage of members commits the body to supporting their union. The memorial of a departed member permits the body to celebrate the member’s homegoing while committing the body to comfort and care for remaining family members. 

Baptisms, marriages, and memorials, and the church’s use for study groups, fellowship groups, and special family gatherings, are privileges of membership. Yet the biggest privilege of membership is the confidence of belonging to a committed body of believers who daily strive to walk ever closer in relationship with Jesus Christ. Christ carries out his mission through the church. Belonging to the church, joining Christ’s great movement on earth, is just fundamentally right. 

If you are interested in membership, please see Co-Pastors Bob DeVries or Marshall Holtvluwer, Connections Coordinator Nelson Miller, or any other staff member, or email info@ghclc.org. The church offers two to three new-members classes each year, when you would meet the pastors for them to learn more about you and how to connect you with the church. Then, we’ll celebrate your membership at a Sunday-morning service. 

Thank you for your interest in membership. Whatever direction you take, we pray that you grow closer in relationship to Jesus Christ