Kholoud wants to work!

December 6, 2022

This is a brief and urgent call for any and all leads for work for Kholoud. The Al Masri's cannot meet their monthly bills without more income and she and Ali both report he is too ill to work and will just stay home with Malak and Kholoud will work!

Please forward any leads to me by email or text ! Ali's been off work since August 23rd.

The family had a nippy but fun time at the Jingle Bell parade with their daughter and son-in-law's family also, plus the Hoeksema's and Downey's. The parade outing was topped off with Kholoud's delicious cooking, brownies, and hot chocolate with marshmallows, a Hoeksema homemade treat.

Kholoud and Mariam were also the guests of the All Shores Refugee Team for their Women's Advent luncheon. It's been a full month already. Be looking for ways to share how Christ is the Son of God, the Messiah... not just another prophet.

With faith,

Ginger Downey



A Special Request

Greetings Friends,

As a follow-up to Chris Walker's sermon and challenge to to reach out to those who are alone, I wonder if any family might want to invite the Al Masri family to share Thanksgiving with them?

There is a back-up plan for them, which is the Community Thanksgiving Meal at Hope Church on Thanksgiving Day, but it's a beautiful opportunity to share our lives and the gift of the gospel with them through our traditions on Thanksgiving!

Please let me know if you have invited them and they have accepted the invitation. I have reserved a Harbor Transit to take them to the community meal at Hope Church  and will cancel that if it's not needed.

Thank you all for the many expressions of love you  share with them. 


P.S. Neither Moayad nor Kholoud passed their driving tests. Moayad only needs additional practice with parking. Kholoud needs generalized more practice. Please consider spending time with them to offer some practice opportunities. Their permit expire the beginning of January!


Ali's Birthday

Monday, November 7 is Ali's 54th birthday! It would be great if he could be showered with WhatsApp texts, birthday prayers, "drop by's" at the house to say happy birthday, or phone calls. Maybe a FaceTime on WhatsApp. His English is still lacking for phone calls where he cannot translate at the same time. Ali has been out of work since August 23. He has attended the Friday morning men's prayer meeting/Bible study with Kris Jones and loved the group of men all praying to "the same prophets we pray to." He would be very touched by birthday prayers. He does not mind you praying in Jesus’ name as to him Jesus is just one more of his prophets. May we continue to shower love on him and his family by means of friendship.


Love In Action has taken on working with Kholoud and Ali for some of their monthly needs and budgeting. Ali went to the food truck with Kris Jones. Kholoud has been trying out different food pantries. They both manage writing checks for their bills without assistance. The family will be outfitting themselves with warm winter outerwear through the Seventh Day Adventist community store and Love In Action. There has been no further attempt to find work for Kholoud at this time, although either she or Ali will need to begin work very soon. They did become eligible for the maximum food assistance through DHHS in mid-October.


Moayad and Kholoud have been busy with driving lessons and are taking their driving road test on Ali's birthday, Monday, November 7. They have their new-to- them 2016 Jeep Patriot SUV in their garage, but do not have insurance for it yet. Moayad continues to work Sundays every week at Morning Star Cafe. He also loves his vocational class and electricity and still expresses a dream to become an electrician. Moayad and Marah appear to be enjoying school and doing well.


Their daughter and son-in-law, Miriam and Ahmed, and the two grandchildren, Farah and Moaz, continue to spend weekends with Ali and Kholoud's family at Taft Road. As we approach all of the festivities that happened during the stretch between Halloween and New Year's, please consider including the family with your family and helping them experience the fullness of our communities. 

With gratitude, Ginger



So much has changed, and yet there’s always a sense of déjà vu, like we’ve already had this experience, conversation, or symptom, Kholoud, Ali and me. Ali has healed well from his hernia surgery, but due to lingering pain, was given another 2 weeks off from work. October 24th may be the first he can return to work. Unfortunately, dizziness, blurry vision and nausea have recurred, and he is starting the process of being referred back to the neurologist and vestibular specialist, and PT. “No matter what type of job I have, days when I have this vertigo, I will not be able to work!” Ali has been back to Urgent Care and will see his Primary Care Provider in 3 days. Vertigo can be very discomforting. 

In the past, Ali has refused to do the exercises and take the medicine and PT for it, confidently reporting that American healthcare should be able to treat him and make his symptoms disappear with just one dose! How does one help him plan for return to work when he is already announcing he will continue to need to be off work? He has been out of work since August 23rd.

Kholoud continues to receive income as Malak’s caregiver at home, along with Malak’s SSI contribution to the family’s expenses. Love in Action Community Care department has begun to work with the family to create a budget, find a new church food pantry, and connect to thrift stores. The Bridge Card account was closed September 1st because the family earned too much money in July and early August when Ali was working, as was Moayad working full-time. After a lengthy process and visits to all employers and to Holland, a new Bridge application was submitted, and they were approved on October 12th to receive food assistance again on a monthly basis. The money earned over the summer mostly went to Mirvat and her children in Lebanon. Fortunately, the family was able to make all of their financial commitments in September, and now with food assistance again, should be able to for October also. 

Family money was pooled together (Moayad, Kholoud, Ali and Ahmed) and a black jeep was just purchased with Doug Bytwerk of All Shores Church and a friend of his offering the automotive expertise for them. Moayad reports that tomorrow is the day to buy license plates and insurance. Over 15 months, I have almost earned a social work degree with them, but I have made it clear where my boundaries are: I know nothing about purchasing and evaluating cars or orienting to industrial jobs. I am so thankful for Doug’s willingness to work with both Al Masri families in this endeavor. 

Ali needs someone to come alongside him and help him find a new job through Forge Industrial Staffing, through WorkForce, or possibly in one of the dishwashing jobs in Grand Haven. Please pray about if that is a temporary role you could provide for him! 

Marah is enjoying school and has several friends in her class. She is looking forward to visiting with her friends at the West Michigan Friendship Center on Friday night, October 28th! She struggles with fatigue and they are going to see and endocrinologist soon. Any way to make physical activity fun for her would

be appreciated. Most likely due to their environments in Lebanon and Syria during the war, none of them are inclined to outdoor physical activity, except for Moayad and Ahmed on their bicycles. It is not that unlike residents living in our American urban centers surrounded by little or no sidewalks, unsafe neighborhoods and hot or cold climate.

Malak just received her annual review from Community Mental Health, and this time her team came to her home. 

Kholoud and Ali were given ample opportunity to provide feedback and ask questions of her teacher, PT, OT and CMH caseworkers. Malak has adapted well to the staff, fellow students, and the transportation team. She absolutely adores riding the bus with her driver John and his assistant. In fact, weekends are tough in their home because Malak crawls off her bed in the morning and starts gathering her sling and wheelchair to get ready for school! School for Malak in 2023 is going to look a bit different. This will complicate the efforts to help Kholoud find part-time work. The school will become year-round school with @ 1 week off in every month! 

Continue to pray for subsidized handicap accessible housing to become available for the Al Masri family. They applied 10 months ago and were accepted onto the waiting list in June. It can take several years. The cost of rent will be a significant savings for them and could mean that Kholoud could remain at home. Malak will only be in school 2 ½ more years. 

Currently, new volunteers have stepped forward to assist the family. Kholoud now goes to the food pantry weekly in Fruitport. She has an ESL friend who provides transportation for in-person ESL twice a week. Kholoud participates in Zoom ESL 2 days per week. We are in a serious stage of numerous health appointments again, but Kholoud is attempting to continue READ tutoring. Ali dropped out of READ tutoring. Any men that want to visit with him or take him to Friday build crew, please reach out to him. He will expand his English much more quickly if he has more conversation exposure. Forge Staffing has made it clear that it is his lack of English which severely limits his job prospects.

Pray for Kholoud’s and Moayad’s proficiency with their driving lessons and think about providing 30-

60 minutes of practice with them. 

And lastly, pray for Mirvat, Ali and Yaya still in limbo in Lebanon. We have been unsuccessful in receiving any updates about her case. Let the family see the Spirit’s love and care through your words and actions. Make the most of every opportunity to point them to the Savior. And pray with them. They say their own formal prayers 5 times/daily.

To God be the glory, great things he has done…. And continues to do!



Life is Complicated

…and messy! Employment, healthcare and health symptoms, and financial issues continue to be

intertwined for this family in a complex tangle. But we all know our lives are not identified only by our

struggles, (though they can be the “squeaky wheels”) but also by our joys. Below is an attempt to cover

both, share prayer needs and praises, and encourage you in even the smallest ways to share Jesus with

them through our friendships.

Employment: Ali is still “employed” by Forge Staffing Agency, but is terminated from his placement at

Seaver Finishing. He missed @ 2 weeks of work for illness without communicating his reasons for

absences each day, so had excessive “no-shows.” He also didn’t communicate with people that could

have assisted him and possibly helped to avert this. Yesterday he went to Forge, explained his situation,

and was assured he is still employed by them and they will assist him in being placed in another position

when he is well. 

Kholoud continues to receive income for her caregiving of Malak, but the extra

@$200/month which was a Covid stipend has been eliminated. She is upset that she only makes

minimum wage. I try to shift the focus to gratitude for payment for what care she must provide anyway.

Ali asks, “What will we do?” They whittled down their large 2021 Tax Refund by purchasing 2 new

current iPhones for Kholoud and Marah, making lots of food, clothes, and household purchases (extras)

and sending money regularly to Mirvat in Lebanon. He expressed “Life in Lebanon is abysmal. The

money Mirvat gets from the UN is meager, and it only purchases a little oil, rice, and sugar. No milk or

protein. Little Ali is frequently sick, the water is not clean…how can I not send her money. I don’t care

about myself and the rest of us. I only care about Mirvat and the children who have nothing.” 

I write this to give a glimpse of the source of his anxiety and deep depression, daily worsened by no news about

when she might be “picked up” as a case for refugee status and immigration to the USA.

Health: Ali has been suffering with abdominal pain. He likely has muscle strain plus he will undergo

surgical repair of 2 small inguinal hernias on September 27th. His post-op recuperation will be from 2-4

weeks. That means he will have been out of work for 2-2.5 months! Kholoud also has pain and has an

appointment on September 20th to determine if she needs a surgical procedure! Pray for good results

from Ali’s surgery and a speedy resolution to Kholoud’s pain. Pray for their grieving hearts for Mirvat

and her children.

I am arranging appointments with Covent life Church’s Care Ministry and Love In Action’s Housing and

Food Ministry. Pray for the ability of staff to make connections with Ali and Kholoud and gain their

trust, as well as for Ali and Kholoud to follow the advice from each organization.

School: Moayad and Marah beam when talking about their new grades and classes, plus Marah loves

her teacher, “Miss Monica.” Marah already enjoyed a field trip on a boat in Holland with her class.

Moayad will be happy to show you pictures of electrical boards and wiring as he talks profusely about

this electrician apprenticeship track he is starting. Ali was interrupting and saying, “Moayad should be

mechanic!” Moayad forcefully told him “No! I can make $28-$40/hr. as an electrician and can be an

apprentice in 2 years!”: He is EXCITED! This is such a big change from last year. He is 18 now and has 2

high school years left before he ages out. He even mentioned he may go to community college for 1-2

years. Praise that Moayad excelled at Morning Star Café all summer, graduating from 4days/week to

6-7 days/week for the last few weeks of August. He earned some bonuses also. He bought his own

iPhone over the summer and assisted the family in paying bills in June and July while Ali was


Mirvat and children: Pray for all 3 of them and that her family would be picked up as a case for

immigration to the USA. Also pray for the children’s health especially. Pray for a final answer

regarding Mirvat’s husband: is he alive somewhere? Or has he died? There is no closure and it is

deeply debilitating for all of them.

Malak: Malak has obtained her custom red wheelchair, but some further adjustments are still needed.

Her parents just purchased her a brand-new mattress with her SSI money and are using her old mattress

for family who sleep-over at their house. Praise that she LOVES going to her school and her teachers!

DSHHS: Bridge card account was closed September 1st. They must have documented paystubs of at least

30 days of decreased income before they can reapply. They will need to reapply in October. They will

continue to supplement food with church food pantries and the twice per month Feed America Food

Truck. Thank you to the volunteers who have continued to help Kholoud access both, working around

her ESL schedule!

Property Management Company: their property management company has changed, but not the

homeowner. Praise that there is no change in their monthly rent: it remains $1,525.

Tutoring: Forge Industrial staffing reminded Ali that there would be many more work opportunities if his

English was better. His READ tutor had to stop tutoring. Bob Hitchcock and Trudie Kok have tutored

some in the past. FEEL FREE to contact Ali and restart tutoring, any of you, now that he is home all day,

every day! Pray for his English to improve quickly and for Moayad and Kholoud to speak more English

with him. (Moayad’s English exploded with his job at Morning Star café!).

Moayad: He crashed on his bicycle, falling head over the handlebars on 8/18/22 riding home from work.

He had a tire bow out. HE WASN”T WEARING HIS HELMET. This is his third major crash in 1 year!

Reinforce helmet whenever you see him. Praise God he was not more seriously injured than lots of

road rash and very bruised left hand.

Marah: Marah is up for any outdoor trips and shopping. She has new health concerns also and will be

seeing a specialist soon. Please help reinforce eliminating sugary drinks and chips for all of them. This is

the worst part of coming to the USA and all (aside from Moayad) are struggling with health concerns

related to these habits.

Driving: Moayad and Kholoud have their first driving lessons today! Covenant Life Church will be using

part of the Refugee fund to pay for some of their lessons. Moayad and Kholoud have been using an app

to learn the dashboard automobile dashboard and steering!

On a soggy wet Sunday, Marah, Farah and Moaaz joined a packed house at the Fruenthal Theater to

watch Kylee and Maddie in Seussical Jr. It was an explosion of music, color, great costumes and all

around entertainment. None of them know the Seuss stories , or English, but the fast pace of the show

kept even 3 year-old Moazz engaged. Marah really connected with the fact that every actor and actress

had special needs. 

To God be the glory…. And may our hands, feet, and words always point them towards him!



To Everything There is a Season

“To everything (Turn, turn, turn) 

There is a season (Turn, turn, turn) 

And a time to every purpose under heaven.” Lyrics by Pete Seeger from Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

The seasons are figuratively and literally changing in the Al Masri family’s world and in our  relationship with them. Changes in work, health, benefits and relationships with safety net programs,  language acquisition, banking literacy, shopping and pharmacy independence, driver’s permits for  Kholoud and Moayad, varsity soccer practices, meeting new friends and volunteers from Covenant  Life Church and ESL, and on it goes. The texts and emails I receive daily from many of these areas  plus the complete re-applying for their Green Cards (their permanent residency applications) has  made me wish for a secretary and a wife many a day!!:-) 

This is not out of a desire to micromanage  the family. In fact, there has been huge strides in their independence over the last 3 months, but their  foundation always seems like shifting sand due to Ali’s illness episodes, tenuousness of work for  him, a banking typo error he made that almost cancelled all of their accounts and had them reported  to all credit bureaus (could have been averted if he would wear his glasses), Moayad’s near-impulse  buying of a $4,300 SUV “because my family is sick of the bus and no transportation. I can buy- it is  no problem!” 

They are in the midst of training by their Bethany Medical Caseworker Jenny on how to  order Malak’s diapers and personal care items which must be ordered EVERY MONTH- a Medicaid  requirement. In June there was the desperate call from Kholoud that Malak was out of diapers, and  WATKINS PHARMACY, Sherman Blvd, Muskegon is the only place that sells the size Malak needs.  And guess what? Harbor Transit doesn’t go to Watkins, or anywhere else for that matter, on  Sundays. Kholoud was distraught and the error was Bethany’s: they didn’t put the monthly order in  on time for Malak. I have my own emergency stash now for just such episodes. Ordering all of the  Medicaid Taxis for health appointments has become Kholoud’s responsibility, but then you get texts  saying appointments are rescheduled, scheduled for times when Ali works, etc. She doesn’t have the  language yet for all the nuances, although she’s using Harbor Transit well at this time.  

The family has had Farah, their granddaughter living with them for the last several weeks. Farah  needs a car seat if she is driven somewhere, but Ali and Kholoud don’t always have one at their house. They think our car safety laws are nice suggestions and don’t like it when the plans change or  are cancelled because Farah can’t be transported. Marah and Farah are truly like big and little sister  and there will be quite the adjustment when school starts, and Farah must live with her parents. For  7 years, her whole life, her extended family all lived together! 

The Al Masri children of both families were taken to St Paul’s UCC for pizza, ice cream, outdoor  games and school supply prizes last week. One of the church members serving food had spent a  year in Saudi Arabia many years ago and still remembered some Arabic! Moayad loved this and  carried on a conversation with her with his broken English and her broken Arabic. A memorable site! 

Community Mental Health gifted Malak’s family with 3 free monthly vouchers for the Food Club in  Holland. It is a family-size and income-based “grocery store” where all the food has points for costs,  not dollars and cents. Healthy foods all tend to be one point and less healthy food “costs” up to 3 or  4 points. The Al Masri’s get 120 points per month. This amounts to @$150 of food!! I was also able  to enroll the daughter’s family, who as a family of 4 also qualified for 120 points! Her membership  will be only $17/month and will get 120 points. It is a gem of a resource for Ottawa County residents  that is not publicized enough in this northern sector of the county. The timing of this is providential.  Bridge Card Food Assistance is ending for the Ali and Kholoud. They have graduated out of it due to  his income with the job he started at Seaver Finishing through Forge Industrial Staffing. Greater and  greater acclimation to the work load for Ali is a prayer request!

Progress in the last 2 months includes: 

-Mirvat received a visit from Rowan and Salah Nassar and they brought her the love gift from CLC.  The gratitude has been effusive from her and her parents. The money has been spent on food and medicines and doctor appointments for her 2 sons who have intermittent acute childhood illnesses.  -Marilyn Richards is training Kholoud now in submitting her home caregiving hours to DHHS. -Kholoud and Ali much better at writing checks for bills, twice monthly. Ginger and Marilyn  completing this training. 

-Mail checked by Jerry Erdmann and Ginger. The family is good at recognizing scam and junk mail.  DHHS, SSI, Social Security, etc. mail must be dealt with expediently. Just starting to have them call  Caseworker phone numbers and ask for Arabic. Unfortunately, the English recorded phone trees are hard to get through for them. 

-All things school related for all 3 children is still Nicole Dunn at Refugee Education Center. ESL, READ tutors and extra tutoring: Trudy, Sam, Pat and Marnie have all been helping. Kholoud’s  English is progressing rapidly as is Moayad’s. Molly was tutoring Marah and Marah speaks some but needs much encouragement to practice English more. 

-Moayad has been told he can work every weekend at Morning Star Café during the year, with  flexibility for his soccer schedule. He’s exuberant! 

-Driving lessons, one-on-one, through the 3 local driving schools are all full currently. They don’t have  wait lists. It requires frequent calls. Mid-September appears to be the soonest they can start private  lessons. Covenant Life Church has a fund for the family and this will fund the cost of lessons for  Moayad and Kholoud initially. Moayad hopes to have a car before November so that he doesn’t ride  his bike to work in bad weather! 

-FOOD PANTRY and FOOD TRUCK: Kholoud mentioned this week she would like to continue to  receive food from both. I will leave them on Meal Train. BUT I AM NOT MONITORING MEAL TRAIN  ANYMORE. SO… if you would like to pick up Food truck food for her on the 2 Fridays of each month  at St. Pat’s, then put your name down so someone else doesn’t duplicate it. Kholoud has her READ  tutoring Friday mornings and is not available for the truck. FOOD PANTRY: this is 2 Monday’s per  month. If she graduated out of Bridges, she shouldn’t need Pantry assistance, but Ali’s job is still  temporary and he has 2 medical appointments in the next 2 weeks which could impact his job. For  now, If there is someone who wants to take Kholoud to the Monday Pantry, LET HER KNOW and put  your name on MealTrain. OTHERWISE KHOLOUD WILL NEED TO ORDER THE BUS FROM ESL TO  THE PANTRY. So those of you who have been helping with the Pantry runs, COMMUNICATE any  changes to her. 

COMMUNICATE, COMMUNICATE, COMMUNICATE☺ That’s our NEW SEASON. Communicate  directly with the family, round up your friends for transportation with them and fun shared outings. Cherry and blueberry picking have been hits as well as Praise in The Parking Lot at CLC and back to  school fairs. I still know the most minute details about each of them, but I am not needed as the go to person for everything any longer. They have made it clear that they want to live their lives  according to their preferences, and we are here to cheer them on. I can foresee some potholes and  bumps in the journey forward for sure, but our protecting them from consequences of some of their  choices doesn’t allow them to learn. There is no such thing as an emergency any longer to pick up  Ali’s medicines monthly: he doesn’t take any of them regularly anyway and told his doctor he doesn’t  need them last week. DO NOT make an extra stop for Walmart, therefore. If Ali or the children aren’t  well, they need to call Harbor Transit for a ride to Urgent Care at Health Point, or ER. If they call you  for transportation, feel free to take them if you are free, but then drop them off. All of the healthcare  offices use interpreters for them. They are graduating from their Bethany Medical Caseworker Jenny  in October so it is imperative we have Kholoud and Ali take responsibility for the medical and dental  health! 

I will be setting up one more opportunity for Marah and Moayad to collect school supplies this week. Then I am off to my longed-for vacation in Green Harbor, MA, my childhood vacation spot that fills  my heart with joy! I will be reconnecting with my own siblings, children, and grandchildren, having  time away with Richard, and praying about plans for fall international medical missions with  Samaritan’s Purse or Chosen, INC. August 19-September 7th I am OFF THE GRID.


I love the diversity of volunteers and friends who have walked with the Al Masri’s and me as we’ve all  learned about refugees and resettlement hurdles. May we continue to be the fragrant aroma of  Jesus to this family, cheering them forward in their new home!




And What a Celebration it Was!

Nine Al Masri family members strolled and rolled into Covenant Life Church on July 17, 2021, not sure what to expect. This was the celebration day of their 1-year anniversary in America. All of them sat up front, surrounded by friends from CLC, local church partners, ESL, school, new friends, etc. 

The worship band started and Malak in her wheelchair was delighted. She swayed back and forth with an ear-to-ear

grin whenever the music was playing, and voices were singing. Malak is non-verbal but her behavior is the best testimony to the truth that God does not need language to communicate about himself, in general or specific revelation. The Spirit knows how to pray for us when we don’t have words to say.

Praising God for such a happy experience for the family in the service and for Malak being engaged and not fearful with all the people and sounds! Pastor Marshall’s bullet points and “teaching” moments were translated to Marah and Kholoud during the sermon so that they could follow along. The prayers were recognized as prayer time by the family, even though the words were too fast and not familiar to them… until they heard Mirvat’s name. Then Kholoud’s tears started, and she knew that once again, as has been repeated weekly with the family at home, Mirvat and her 2 children still in Lebanon, are not forgotten by our Christian community on the Lakeshore. Our longing, with them, for their re-uniting with their family here is brought to the mercy seat of our heavenly Father! 

They express sincere gratitude to all the people involved in the delicious picnic lunch. The meal and visiting with new and old friends was like a warm embrace to them… they felt so very loved! Remembering names after just one or two times is difficult for them, but please consider texting them on the app, “What’s App” and including a head shot of yourself (or copy your picture from the Elexio directory). Then they will connect the name with the face and remember. Little one or 2 sentences of greeting, encouragement, or prayer would be well received by them! They have already been invited to Praise in the Parking Lot on July 27th, but please consider inviting them to Church also on Sunday mornings. Harbor Transit can transport them, but the reservation must be made on Monday of the preceding week. HT phone: 616-842-3200. The last bus pick up is 12:30pm (to get them back home).

Annie Hoeksema showed Mariam and her children the Sunday School area in Upstreet and the children, who are already friends with Evie and Levi, went back there and had fun! Maybe several families could each invite the family to church on different Sundays, wait for the bus to drop them at church, sit with them during the service and make sure they get back outside for the last bus. Pray about if this might be a new role for YOU!

Praise be to God! Thank you, Jesus! Ali was hired by Forge Industrial Staffing to work at SEAVER FINISHING, where his son-in-law and friend Adam Mohammed work!!!!!! He received safety goggles and steel-toed shoes yesterday, and Drew Edwards was his early morning ride for his first day on the job today. Drew was going to see if he could solidify a regular ride for Ali by someone else that lives in Spring Lake and works the same 4am-2pm shift. Pray for transportation for Ali. Pray for stamina for him, as he has been unemployed for 11 weeks! I have reminded him that he is not as young as Ahmed, his son-in-law, who is 26 years younger! Pray for no return of his headaches and arthritis symptoms. We joked that his main focus is stay hydrated, eat and sleep well, and work.

Malak’s first SSI deposit came, and some of the financial burdens are lifted for the family now. Praise God for how quickly the money has come once Social Security Administration confirmed her eligibility. Praising God for a GREAT health department appointment for the family’s Green Card applications for their permanent residency. There are @ 125 pages of application for this family also, and which I have spent weeks doing. God blessed us with their favorite interpreter at the Health Dept., Huda, and she was able to translate all the forms, help me correct a few things, provide all of the interpreter signatures for them, ALL FOR FREE, and all during the down time in the Health Dept. The photo specialist at Walgreens on Jackson Rd found a 30% discount on the passport photos the family need for these applications, making the cost $55 instead of $85! These were obtained last Sunday after the CLC celebration. We had Walgreens all to ourselves and the specialist was so understanding and patient in working with Malak. Later this week these applications will be copied and mailed off. This is such a relief…and Ali’s application will even have a new job listed now, rather than unemployed!

If you are ever in a slump and wondering where God is or what he is up to, go visit the Al Masri’s. Father, Son, and Spirit have been demonstrating their work and presence for 12 + months in their lives and it is a joy, encouragement, and privilege to see it up close and personal. 

To God be all the glory and praise,



Alhamdulillah, Eid al-Adha, and More Prayers

- Alhamdulillah is an Arabic phrase meaning "praise be to God:"

Twelve days since the last blog and a whirlwind of prayers have been answered!

• Alhamdulillah- Malak had her Social Security Administration (SSA) interview with Kholoud as her representative on June 28th… AND SHE WILL RECEIVE SSI (Supplemental Security Income) - EVERY MONTH! This income will include a sum of money she will pay to Kholoud for what the SSA determined is Malak’s portion of total monthly household expenses, as well as have income to cover Malak’s personal needs which are not covered by insurance. Additionally, she will continue to receive Medicaid. This SSI requires a dedicated joint bank account for Kholoud and Malak. Due to unforeseen glitches related to the legal guardianship documents for Malak, opening of this account has been delayed despite numerous in-person bank appointments, but Kholoud has been assured it will occur “shortly.”

• Alhamdulillah-Salah and Rawan Nassar from the Michigan Friendship Center were able to visit Mirvat in-person in her apt. in Lebanon on July 28th. They did a FaceTime call via What’s App during the SSA interview. They visited Mirvat with a pastor-friend of theirs name Yousef. They were able to get the “release of information” documents signed by Mirvat so that they can be submitted to the local refugee organization. These documents give permission to Ali and Kholoud to inquire of Mirvat’s status related to the process of applying for resettlement. Additionally, they were able to present her with an installment of the Love Offering from Covenant Life Church! Future installments will be sent electronically in late summer and the Fall.

• Alhamdulillah-new volunteers have stepped forward to assist Ali with English language literacy and he now has tutoring 2-3x/week.

• Alhamdulillah-There is a very strong possibility of a new job for Ali at Seaver Finishing (Grand Haven). This is where an Arabic-speaking friend from Sudan works (Adam) as well as Ahmed, Ali’s son-in-law are employed. The shifts are 4am-2pm or possibly 6am2pm. Ali will need to find and pay for transportation to get to work as Harbor Transit doesn’t run that early. He expresses a great desire to work with these men. Let’s pray for a job offer and reliable transportation for him if offered the job!

• Alhamdulillah- Malak has had her pre-op appointment to have dental work done under anesthesia. I think this may include extraction(s) but I am not sure. She has needed this dental care since her appt. in August 2021. She couldn’t receive it because there was not a legal guardian for her, and she is an adult. The guardianship was obtained in

March 2022….Pray for relief of dental pain and no complications from her anesthesia or procedures.

• Alhamdulillah-After numerous calls to the Al Masri’s landlord, there has been no response as to increased rent once they pass their one-year lease anniversary (July 19, 2022). Additionally, they have not received written notice of the lease not being renewed. Therefore, they will continue in their current duplex , renting on a month-to month basis while continuing to look for housing much closer to Clovernook Rd. (GH), where their daughter and son-in-law live. Pray for an affordable 3-bedroom apt. or house with a main floor bedroom and bathroom which are accessible for Malak.

• Alhamdulillah- It is the time of the Eid al-Adha celebration again. Eid al-Adha is the holiest festival in the Muslim calendar. This is the festival celebrating “the prophet Ibrahim's willingness to sacrifice his son when ordered by God.” The Al Masri family celebrated this festival on their move-in day July 20, 2021, for the first time in America.

• Alhamdulillah- This coming week is the 1-year anniversary of the Al Masri family arriving in America, coming to Michigan, and making their home in our community! Yes they are refugees and they always will be. They have left behind a world most of us will never know, including relationships, culture, foods, religious institutions, and language

that have drained them emotionally at times. But their courage, perseverance, love of life and commitment to their faith and reunification of their dispersed family has been inspiring. Pray for their continued adjustments to the community, work, friendships, and their independence. On July 14th Ali and Kholoud will receive their first in depth home training for self-managing ALL of the family’s medical and dental needs. This includes contacting doctor offices,

making appointments, scheduling rides with Medicaid taxis, etc. Their medical caseworker from Bethany Christian Services, who has had a 1-year contract with Malak and Ali due to their complex medical conditions, will be closing their case at the end of September, their 1-year anniversary with her. Pray for the parents to gain proficiency quickly in the next 10 weeks (and that a good “cheat sheet” in English is left for any friends that will be asked to

assist them in the future)! These cases are closing because Malak is well established with her neurologist and Community Mental Health (CMH) team, as well as her Ottawa Area Center (OAC) schooling. Ali has been cleared by all of his specialists that he has no terminal conditions, and his chronic conditions are able to be well managed on medications. They have all assured him he is very able to work and his family needs him to work. He will continue with one specialist and one Primary Care Provider. This is a game-changer for him. Reviewing their calendar, he has easily had 23 doctor appts., several physical therapy appts., 8 major diagnostic tests, 3 ER visits, several urgent care visits and new prescriptions and lab work with most of those doctor appts.!! All in 11 months!!! It is no wonder that the

FABULOUS Walmart Pharmacy staff know the Al Masri’s by name and have just about memorized their birthdates. J

Moayad continues to work hard at Morning Star café and just purchased a new iPhone with his earnings!! His schedule has been Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, from 8-4:15. He rides his bike to work and to his sister Mariam’s apt. His English is improving by the week! Marah is as an older sister to Farah, her niece. Farah has been in a summer school program at griffin School (GH) but that end this week. Marah is looking forward to having much more time together with her for the rest of the summer. Mariam, Ahmed and their children routinely go to the parents’ house on Taft Rd. every Friday afternoon and return home on Sunday nights. This allows the extended family to have time together every week and lessens the disappointment that they cannot all live together all the time. Pray for Mirvat’s reuniting with the families and for housing near one another. 

Moayad and Kholoud experienced cherry picking in Coopersville this week as invitees of the Hoeksema family. They picked 16 lbs. of cherries for their family and Mariam’s family! Moayad wanted to drive the golf cart which transports pickers to the orchard but was given a swift “No way” from the driver! He scrambled up ladders and trees like a monkey. Continue to share your summer adventures with the Al Masri’s… they love all outings!


Covenant Life Church invites Everyone to a

Celebration of

1 Year in America for the Al Masri family

Sunday July 17, 2022

11 am Covenant Life Church Service

Followed by

12 Noon Picnic Lunch (indoors)

Rsvp to CLC by clicking here

This invitation is open to all who have been involved in any and every way

with the Al Masri family, not just Covenant Life Church members. Let’s

celebrate together how our God, Father, Son and Spirit, has worked in and

through their lives and ours to bring them to this fantastic anniversary





Summer at Last!

Finally, the Al Masri family believes me that it will become warm again in Michigan! They love admiring

the lush greenness of the trees and shrubs on Taft Road and being able to be outdoors without sweaters

or coats. Insects are a problem for them, but they have ventured outside for much more play and walk

time than they did last Fall. Now they take Malak for brief walks on the sidewalk and have been enjoying

various parks with friends and Mariam’s family.

Moayad continues to love his job at Morningstar Café. PRAISE GOD!! He thought he could just skip work

on his birthday without telling them. After some rapid texts on What’s App and Google Translate, he

made it to work, was offered much grace for being late and was given a candle and celebration in his

free meal there that day. At 5:00pm, after work, the celebration at home began in earnest. After a near

meltdown because Kholoud did not have the numeral candles to make “18” on his cake, he enjoyed a

feast of Syrian foods, candies, fruits, and desserts! He is now one of the adult men in the family, exuding

great pride in his bringing home a paycheck, having a friendly crew at the Café, and having purpose to

his days. 

Crowning his adulthood was the outing to Fifth Third Bank with Ali. With the assistance of an

online interpreter, Moayad opened his own checking account! One step closer to saving his money for a

motorcycle or car! Unfortunately, His first two paychecks needed to be joined with Kholoud’s salary

from her caregiving job with Malak to cover the family’s monthly expenses.

Reliance on Moayad’s paycheck is a consequence of Ali continuing to be unemployed. Salah from

Bethany and another employment staff person have been pursuing many leads in motels, assisted living

homes, and factories, but as-of-yet, have not found a job within Harbor Transit’s boundaries willing to

hire non-English speakers. I have now recommended they search into the areas of Ottawa County and

Muskegon County close to them, even if it would mean paying for transportation to get to or from (or

both) a job. This is obviously going to eat into their income from any work he obtains, but this is only

necessary until someone in the family learns to drive…. PRAY for employment for Ali.

And what are the steps for learning to drive you might ask? Well, first step is NOT buying a car, which is

what they would like to do. First they must prepare for the written driver’s test, then pass it to receive a

permit. Then LEARN to drive (neither Ali nor Kholoud have ever driven: Moayad has ridden a scooter).

Then they must pass a driving test. And THEN purchase a car. They have had the Arabic study sheet for

the written test for over 4 months, but no one has regularly been studying it. I think if it happens that Ali

needs to pay a driver(s) for transporting him for a job, the motivation to focus on driving will be greatly


PRAY for Kholoud to understand the urgency for her to learn to drive so that she can assist

transporting Ali for work, visiting her Halal grocers, and getting Moayad and Marah to appointments

or school if they miss a bus, as well as visiting with Mariam’s family during hours Harbor Transit is


English tutoring has commenced for Marah and Moayad in the home twice a week, as well as for Ali 1-2

times per week, in addition to his READ tutoring at the Spring Lake Library. For all who reached out after

the last two updates to assist with English and financial training with Ali and Kholoud, thank you on their

behalf! Kholoud can make herself understood without Google Translate in most instances when in

person. Ali is still much more dependent on the app, but he is trying to say more in English in general

conversations. He is much more worried about saying it wrong, and so hesitates to speak. His written

English is markedly improved, although he still wants to write individual letters “right to left” as he

would in Arabic. He is now the designated check-writer for the household and is only one or two months

away from total independence in check writing for all of the utility and rent bills. PRAY for

independence in this realm soon.

Malak is in a shortened school-day schedule for @ 6 weeks this summer. She still LOVES school! Her

wheelchair fitting appointment was a disappointment: seat depth, front wheel castors and other

elements of the chair still need adjusting. Therefore, she will continue to use a loner chair and await the

final fitting for her custom red transport wheelchair. I guess since it has already taken 6 months, a

couple more months is okay….

The BIG news for her is the June 28th 9:00 am SSI interview phone call to determine what, if any,

financial benefit she would receive (Supplemental Security Income). I have been told by the Social

Security Administration that since this appointment has been scheduled, that means she has already

been certified as permanently disabled for life!!!! As I mentioned in a prior update, this determination

means she will always receive Medicaid, regardless of the Medicaid or income status of the rest of her

family. PRAY for this June 28th interview. With Ali unemployed, and Moayad’s income only temporary

for the summer, hopefully there will be some financial assistance Malak receives.

I am 90% finished preparing their Green card applications. These will get submitted @July 20, 2022, one

week after their one-year anniversary of residing in the United States. PRAY for my attention to detail

and thoroughness in each of these 5 applications. I have never done these before, they are each 18

pages long, and can cost @$1,500 per person to have a professional complete the applications for them!

Continue to consider sharing some of your favorite summer activities with the Al Masri’s. They love

exploring this community and discovering new spots. I know Ahmed, their son-in-law likes to fish, and I

think Moayad does also. Neither of them work on Sundays so if any fishermen out there want to invite

some young guys along... Kholoud and Marah LOVE being with children. We recently met at Mercury Park

in Grand Haven, and Harbor Transit was their means of transportation both ways.

Walking by faith,



Continued Prayers for Jobs

Wednesday morning, 5/25/22, Ali and Kholoud were taken to Platenga's Cleaners for a job tour and interview. Platenga's is hiring full and part-time positions, has a good history of hiring refugees in the past, is accessible to the Al Masri’s by Harbor Transit for bidirectional transportation, and offers flexible hours. This job is without the timing and transportation obstacles of other jobs, and willing to hire Ali full-time with his very limited English, and Khouloud as well. The down-side is that starting salary is $12/hr. 

After literally hours that the Syrian interpreter/Bethany employment specialist (ES) communicated and reasoned with them yesterday morning, my hours communicating with Google translate and eventually calling my Jordanian Arabic- speaking friend to be on a 3 way phone call between my seeing patients at work, and straggling texts that continued from Khouloud and Ali into the night, Ali was saying it was too low pay and he couldn’t take the job and wouldn’t allow Kholoud to take it either. 

The ES was going to try and reach out to Ali again today. To me and the ES, Ali insisted he can get work for much higher pay in a factory. That has not been the reality though for the ES who has been job searching for 6 weeks for Ali. Kholoud would like a 4-5 hr/day job during the week so she could give up her Sunday custodial job which has been causing her back and leg pain. Pray for that job opportunity also.


Praising God that Moayad likes his job at Morningstar and should graduate to full-time in mid June.

Please pray for Malak to be acknowledged to be permanently disabled and entered into the SSI (Supplemental Security Income) program. This paperwork was submitted over 8 months ago. This will provide some  (not lots) of income for the family, and Malak will be guaranteed Medicaid for life, regardless of the family’s future annual income and Medicaid eligibility.

For all of you who have wonderfully been feeding me leads for jobs… KEEP IT UP!

One of the hardest things is to remember that Ali and Kholoud need to make their own decisions. We can provide truthful information and advice, but we must respect their autonomy. Part of loving them in Jesus name is respecting their autonomy. And part of the privilege of autonomy is living with the consequences of our decisions. We are not in the business of “fixing” their hardships. Rather we will continue to walk alongside them in friendship and emotional support and encouragement.

I love how this ministry has brought us all together: you strengthen me when I feel over my head. And in our weakness, Christ in us is strong!


P.s. Had a great 3 hours at the kite festival with the Hoeksema family and both Al Masri families!


25th Anniversary!

May11, 2022 was Ali and Kholoud’s 25th anniversary! Unfortunately, they were all under the weather with side effects from multiple vaccines they received on May 10th. Their smiles and joking about Ali getting the dates mixed up reveal a huge love they have for one another and their family. 

I find myself quietly observing their interactions and am frequently wondering if I would have the physical and emotional strength and courage to persevere through their past experiences and present new life. I know it would be the strength of the LORD and not my own. 

Marah and Moayad have only 3 weeks of school left! Moayad has been offered employment at Morning Start Café as a dishwasher and will start Sunday May 15th. He met his supervisor wearing a 3-piece black suit and dress shoes, with hair slicked back. He left with the promise of a job and the news that his “uniform” for work is a t shirt and shorts plus a ball cap! Moayad was beaming. The hours are 8-4, which means on M-F he can use Harbor Transit (HT) both ways for transportation, and can get to work on the weekend shifts by HT. He was even told there may be someone to take him home on weekend shifts. Plus, other high schoolers work there! Moayad’s goal is to save money for his own car. Motivated is an understatement! Plus, if he sticks with it for the summer, he has the potential to work weekends during the school year he was told. Praising God for this answer to prayer for Moayad! 

Kholoud continues her 6-8 hr. Sunday custodial job but wishes she could work during the week for 4 hrs/day instead. Unfortunately, with Malak’s abbreviated school schedule in the summer, Kholod doesn’t have a consistent block of time every week for that. She and Ali have been encouraged that if he finds full-time work, she could potentially stop the weekend job. 

Currently Kholoud’s income is all that the family has, and it doesn’t cover their monthly expenses. Thankfully they received a tax refund which is helping at this time. Malak seems much calmer around strangers. She crawls, gets her socks and the sling for her Hoyer lift, and gets very animated and smiley when she hears she is going for a drive! Ali and Kholoud love to see her happy about school, the bus, and settling into her new life and routines so well. She has an upcoming MRI under anesthesia and a subsequent overnight stay in Blodgett Hospital with Kholoud. Pray for no complications from the anesthesia or negative effects on her epilepsy. Pray also for a detailed study that can more specifically direct her seizure medication management. 

I cannot stress enough the need for the family to become independent in calling for HT and using it for their everyday needs, local appointments that don’t require a volunteer to be present , etc. Please help by offering to assist them in scheduling future HT pick-ups. This includes scheduling grocery trips, pharmacy pick-up’s etc.. Except for Ali’s P.T. appointments throughout May and June, they should be getting Harbor Transit to appointments, unless Meditaxi has been ordered for those which are outside of HT’s boundaries. 

Tomorrow is the 10-month Anniversary of the Al Masri’s in the USA! How far they have travelled: physically and figuratively. They are still viscerally connected to Lebanon because Mirvat and her children Ali and Yehya are still in refugee limbo there. In the past 2 weeks I have reached out to the International Red Cross for help with locating Mirvat’s husband Malek. Apparently now the family reports that the boat he was on with 8 other men was disabled by Greek commandoes and turned back to Turkey. When they got back to shore, Malek was not with the others. They believe he may have been picked up by Greek authorities and put in Greek prison. 

The IRC will assist in trying to locate the husband if in fact he is still alive. There have been more emails to the refugee resettlement agency based in Turkey who oversees Mirva’ts status for resettlement. We keep getting impersonal responses saying she must request information herself, but she cannot get through to them by phone. Bethany has not been able to obtain any information either. Pray that God would move mountain of red tape and bureaucracy to allow Mirvat’s family to come to Ottawa County! 

Ali and Kholoud have started Friday morning READ tutoring sessions! Pray that Ali’s English literacy would expand rapidly. He has been told by his vocational caseworker at Bethany that there are no jobs in Spring Lake for non-English speakers. I have encouraged them to be looking in Grand Haven and Ferrysburg also. Pray for new FT employment for Ali. 

The family desperately wants to buy a car and learn to drive. Hard conversations have followed because they need to have the employment status to be able to afford the car (insurance, gas, maintence) AFTER purchasing it. They have had these conversations with an interpreter present. Kholoud wants to study for the written driver’s test. It was determined she would be the best to get a license first because she has the most time availability for getting other family members to appointments and doing her errands. If one of them could drive, it definitely opens the boundaries for Ali to find work. 

Those of you helping with FOOD TRUCK and FOOD PANTRY: please check with Kholoud that she still wants to utilize this assistance. I know that some of the food from the Food Truck she gives away. I don’t want to assume she still wants this food assistance if in fact it is food she doesn’t use. 

Big Changes coming in the next 2 months:

• Malak will have a hospital stay

• Ali will start new job (PLEASE SEND ANY LEADS TO ME) 

• Green Card applications in process

• Moayad starts work

• Moayad will get a beautiful new front tooth from the dentist

• Summer vacation

Let us continue to pray that as the family settles into their new life in Michigan, they would discover the true NEW LIFE that only comes through the Father, Son and Holy Spirit! 



The Season of Ramadan

The Al Masri family has been fasting and praying through Ramadan, which began April 1st and will end at sunset May1st. Thankfulness, empathy, and charity characterize this most holy month for Muslims. They have a meal known as iftar every evening after evening prayers to break their fast for that day. They have been incredibly thankful to share many iftars with Miriam, Ahmed, and their grandchildren this year! It also means their prayers for Mirvat and her children, still in refugee limbo in Lebanon are intensified. This continues to be a source of acute and chronic grief for them as they feel so helpless to change the circumstances. Please keep Mirvat, Yahya and Ali, her children, in your prayers and pray that God would “move mountains” to allow reunification of this family. May there be Christians to befriend her and show her the living true God, who knows her every tear and despair!

Ali remains unemployed but is being connected with an employment caseworker through Bethany. He continues to have @ 2 healthcare appointments per week. Stress and anxiety are exacerbating very real conditions he has and there is no “magic pill” to lower his stress. He was agreeable to start the READ program’s 1:1 English tutoring this past week. His tutor will pick him up every Friday morning and take him to the library for 1 hr. of tutoring personalized to Ali’s English language goals. Kholoud will start the same READ program with her own tutor on Friday mornings starting April 29th. This means Kholoud has English training with ESL or READ EVERY weekday morning. Please pray that Ali and his tutor will “click” with one another and that Ali’s English would flourish in the setting of 1:1 and personalized attention. He is writing more of the bank checks and naming objects as well as practicing writing words at home. He has been encouraged to practice with his granddaughter Farah, who also is brand new at learning English!

Kholoud is loving every minute with Miriam’s family. All Shores Church has made it possible for the young Al Masri family to get together with Kholoud and Ali’s family on Tuesdays, Thursdays and all weekend! They share the iftar meal on those days together. Frequently, one will see both women working side by side in the kitchen, and Ahmed, Ali or Moayad working the oven, grill or handling large platters. Additionally, Miriam helps with Malak’s care while Kholoud work’s 6am-2pm on Sundays. Kholoud has been riding Harbor Transit a little bit recently, but more and more practice is needed to call and schedule a ride. She has a metal folding shopping cart to be able to take on the bus and make it

easy to carry her groceries home by bus. Now that the snow and ice are gone, please encourage this to ease their dependency on drivers for every shopping and every medicine pick-up. If you are with her for shopping or just to help her order the bus, please remind her to ALWAYS check at the pharmacy to see if Ali or Malak have medications ready to be filled/picked-up. Between the 2 of them, there are 10 medications per month!! We are trying to get their due dates consolidated, but there are issues with Medicaid. Pray for Ali to have greater trust in the various doctors and the therapies they are recommending for him. Join him in praying for resolution or reduction in his symptoms and the energy for work again.

Moayad is happily playing soccer once again, this time on Monday and Wednesday evenings. It is amazing the support he has received from coaches, athletes, and their parents, and CLC volunteers, enabling this to happen. School attendance continues to be a problem and could use much prayer. He is far more dedicated to soccer than school. He often remarks that he would like to work with Ahmed, his brother-in-law. He even revealed that in his culture, he will be getting married in 2 years! He turns 18 in June and becomes eligible for ESL and READ tutoring at that time. He is also eligible to attend school until he is 20 years old. Pray for his understanding of the benefits education will provide him in America and the need to become literate in spoken and written English for eligibility for the bulk of job


Marah is in heaven with her “sister” Farah (really her niece) in her life again! They play dress-up, makeup, dancing, dolls, etc. and are a true joy to see together. Marah requested membership to a gym because she doesn’t fit in her clothes as she would like to. She has stopped drinking sugary soda but like most 12-year-olds, loves her chips. Hopefully she will enjoy her exercise outdoors with Farah and 3-yearold Moaaz running around and playing on equipment in playgrounds. Miriam’s family lives very close to a park and playground on Mercury drive, accessible by walking a short distance from their house. The Taft Road house also has a big, flat, grassy backyard in which to play. Last year they received mosquito bites the first 2 days in the house and literally never went into the yard again. Jerry Erdmann had even brought them spray for the yard to control the mosquitos, but they just avoided the yard. If ANYONE would like to show Ali how to make the yard less mosquito infested, it is a splendid space for tumbling, T-ball, kickball, soccer, tag, etc.  

Malak LOVES school and the family loves that she is sooooo happy. In fact, she is rather unhappy when she cannot go! Full guardianship has been completed, making both parents fully her guardians. She will get fitted for her new custom RED wheelchair this coming week and another appointment to see her neurologist for tweaking her seizure medicines. Today she is joining her entire family in riding Harbor Transit to a park near Miriam’s home and joining Miriam’s family there. I will drive her home because Harbor Transit stops running at 3:30pm. Pray that more and more the Al Masri’s would embrace the independence they can have by riding Harbor Transit and become less driver dependent. And pray for us to all pivot into more friendship roles, sharing activities and adventures with them. May they see Jesus Christ in all we do and say.


• pray for new employment for Ali- If anyone has leads, pass them along to me.

• Pray for more economical housing, and ideally close to Miriam’s family

• Pray for a summer job for Moayad: It will give purpose to his days, teach responsibility, and his

income will be needed for the family.

• Pray Moayad would be interested in READ and/or ESL.

From Lectio 365, April 23, 2022 Morning Devotion:

“I think today of my friends who have not yet encountered Your love. I pray that you would show me how to share the power of Your resurrected life and love with them today. I ask for a fresh anointing of Your Holy Spirit to know what language, music, imagery, or story might capture their hearts for the beauty of the Gospel.”



Spring Break 2022

The Al Masri family is having an American “staycation” filled with feasting, hospitality, playing A LOT with grandchildren Farah and Moaaz and soaking up the love of being reunited with daughter Miriam’s family. Slumber parties at both Al Masri households have been the norm for this week of Spring Break and Marah is a natural at playing with Farah and Moaaz. Marah, Miriam, the little children and friends from All Shores Church played all morning and afternoon as Moayad assisted Ahmed and the All Shores Church team moving furniture into Miriam and Ahmed’s new apt in Grand Haven.


Ramadan has begun and will continue until May 1st. All of the family, with the exception of Malak, are fasting from sunrise until sundown every day. 


Please continue to visit with them, go for a walk on Taft road with Malak and the family, help them order Harbor Transit and then they can meet you at a park, at Put Put, etc. 


I am sorry to announce that Ali’s job has ended. This is extremely serious as Kholoud’s employment only covers 50% of the family’s monthly budget. There continues to be numerous cultural, medical and emotional complexities impacting their resettlement. Please pray for Ali’s ability to express himself with Arabic interpretation so that his many providers and case managers can support him and guide him better into life in America: it’s blessings, it’s strangeness and challenges and it’s expectations. 


Praying for God’s glory and Son to be revealed in this month of intensification of prayer and confession by all Muslims. May we be the evidence of the love and salvation of the living triune God! 



Hello Everyone,
Ramadan, the annual month of prayer and fasting for Muslims has begun! They will fast from sunrise to sunset each day. 

Attached is a prayer guide to use for these next 30 days to pray for The Al Masri family, as well as Muslims throughout the world. This is an intensely spiritual period for Muslims, and they are seeking grow in their spiritual piety and atone for their sins through their fasting. 

Pray that we would each be a part of showing them that Jesus is the true atonement for their “sins, errors and mistakes!”



Changing Seasons-Time for New Growth

“No more snow! NO MORE SNOW!!” Parents, Moayad and Marah have had their fill of cold and snow and are excited at the weather ticklers of milder days, and visible grass everywhere, plus the disappearance of months-long ice on the sidewalks and driveway. But Malak? Ohhhh, she loves her red rubber boots and crawls to get them and brings them to anyone who might put her in her wheelchair and take her outside. They live on a lovely stretch of Taft Road with a full sidewalk that runs into the sidewalk of the Spring Lake Bike Trail. Unfortunately, no one in the family is inclined to go outside and walk, mild weather or not. Malak looks forward to her M-F school days and bus rides and is always ready to attend school and her various activities there (gym, library, sensory time, swing, PT and OT, etc.).


Weekend slumber parties have been the scene at the Taft Rd. house as Kholoud and Ali’s daughter and son-in-law, Miriam and Ahmed, and their young children Farah and Moaaz come spend the night on Saturday nights with them. Marah and Farah disappear and play dolls and dress-up, while Ali and Kholoud love on the ever-smiling 3-year-old Moaaz. Moayad enjoys riding bicycles with Ahmed as well as having Ahmed come watch Moayad’s indoor soccer club games. Bike hikes with these two would be a great opportunity for relationship building for anyone who enjoys bikes. Moayad told me yesterday that his peddle is broken currently. Any handy fellas or gals that could spare a few minutes and check out his bike with him?


Many opportunities to attend the West Michigan Friendship Center  (WMFC) have arisen in the past 3 weeks, and the family LOVES going there. First there was a Fashion Show. Twelve countries of the Arab world were represented by attendees of the WMFC and there were individuals who dressed in the traditional dress of each country. Plus a 5 minute video of the land, foods, and customs of each country was shown! An extraordinarily educational pot-luck extravaganza!  Kholoud, Marah and Miriam were able to attend, and Miriam was chosen to wear Syrian dress, while Marah leapt to her feet to join in the dancing of the women. ALL the women, young and old, dance when their native music sounds. Last week was the Covenant Life Church-sponsored dinner at the WMFC  which Khoholoud, Malak, Marah and Moayad attended. Today they are being taken to a Mother’s Day women-only social at the Center. If anyone is at all curious about the WMFC and it’s mission, please contact me. The drive is @40 minutes from their house. Any drivers who are available Fridays at 5:15pm-to take them to the Center, OR 9:00pm to bring them home from the center, OR 5:15-9:45pm to drive both ways and enjoy mingling with the Muslim community which gathers for these dinner/social evenings, PLEASE LET ME or JESSICA JONES ( 734-210-2581) know. The smiles on Kholoud, Moayad and Marah’s faces to have these few precious hours speaking their native tongue with people from their cultural background makes any sacrifice of time worth it! (Ali works 2nd shift and has not been able to attend these outings).


Ali’s medical journey continues to expand and evolve. He reports he didn’t need to go to the doctor frequently at all in Lebanon or Syria, yet rarely a week goes by without an urgent care, primary care, or specialist care appointment. These visits invariably propagate more labs or imaging, more prescriptions, and more follow-up appointments. There are real diagnoses behind all of this and he has missed much work related to a variety of conditions. I am seeking further help from Bethany Christian Services Resettlement Services for interpreter assistance with “employment culture” mentoring/coaching. Pliant Plastics Corporation has made many accommodations for Ali in the 4 short months he has been employed and shown patience and understanding, but his accrued health-related absences have reached a critical level. Please pray for improved health/symptoms, an understanding of employee rights AND responsibilities, and good communication between Bethany, Pliant Plastics and Ali about steps forward. He needs to work to help support his family, AND he needs peace of mind on how to live with and manage what may be chronic or even life-long conditions and symptoms. The stress of his widowed daughter Mirvat still in Lebanon is surely aggravating everything for him also.


Thankfully, Ali is not alone in working to support the family. Kholoud’s monthly check for being Malak’s Home Caregiver is a blessing as it doesn’t require of Kholoud any additional work than what she has always been doing for Malak. Additionally, Kholoud has made it “over-the-hump” of working 8-hr. Sundays sweeping and dusting an industrial space with a team of workers. Her supervisor continues to provide her rides to and from work for free. Plus, Kholoud was given a bonus tip of $50 for completing 4 weeks, and this will be issued for every 4-week block she completes. She beams about this job. Although she is tired when she gets home, she then takes her shower, showers Malak and washes her hair, cooks….. and will frequently entertain for dinner. The Al Masri’s are a very hospitable family, and share whatever they have with everyone. Khould proudly reports going to Grand Rapids with Malak for a neurology appointment, transported by a Medicaid Taxi. The driver talked with Kholoud the entire ride (Kholoud’s English is the best of the entire family’s English!). He told her how he loved Middle Eastern rice. She just so happened to have rice made at home. When he brought them home from the appointment, she sent him off with homemade rice!


An enormous praise this week was the completion of income taxes. Ali didn’t think I could find a capable tax person after I took them to the Community Action Agency in Holland for free tax prep assistance and they were turned away partially through the appointment due to their refugee status. It later turns out that they were turned away in error, but the damage was done. Ali has spent the last 7 weeks saying he would use a “good” Arabic speaking person whom he found online for $300 to get “good tax return.” He had been told by others about how much money he should get for Covid and for child tax credits. I have struggled with worry for those 7 weeks that if the amount of return he got back was less than what he anticipated getting back, there would be a further loss of trust between them and CLC and Bethany. He was frequently saying “Ginger’s tax way is not good.” After holding him off for weeks from using an on-line service, Saturday 3/26/22 was VITA tax prep day at Love INC. “VITA “is Volunteer Income Tax Assistance- it’s a federal government free program! Thank you everyone who had been praying. They did indeed get the tax return they had anticipated and kept saying “This is very good service; we will come back next year.” I, in fact, had to request the accountant to explain that most of their tax return this year will never occur again because it was related to the Covid money or was a child credit for Moayad, who turns 18 in 3 months. I wanted to be sure they understood that next year’s tax return would not be so large.


While I was away for 5 days last week, many of you received urgent-need calls from the Al Masri family. I know it placed some in the position of making decisions with them that you’re unaccustomed to making, or spur of the moment drives for meds or food, etc. Thank you! The Al Masri’s are into their 9th month in the United States but are in no way independent. We are the community of Christ Followers surrounding them and revealing Jesus’s love and forgiveness to them, while also revealing the intricacies of adapting physically, economically, and socially to a different culture. Let us encourage one another as we all encourage them and may the words of our mouths and the works of our hands be a fragrant offering to Jesus Christ, who offered everything for us!



Prayer needs:

  1. Trainers for Harbor Transit. Practice setting up rides.
  2. English tutoring for Ali. At home or outdoors as weather gets better.
  3. Financial coaches: check writing, keeping check book ledger, ledger for groceries, etc.
  4. Coaching Ali on Drivers manual instructions.
  5. Pray for more READ English tutors so Ali and Kholoud can start their Friday morning 1:1 tutoring.
  6. Ali’s health needs and job security

3.23.22-Reading tutors needed!

READ Ottawa County is an English literacy program. This program pairs adult volunteers 1:1 with adult learners for English tutoring... and it trains the volunteers!

We have just signed up Ali and Kholoud for READ. 

This READ PROGRAM IS AWESOME and provides another way for Christian's to develop friendships with new neighbors of differing cultures while helping them with language acquisition!

READ needs more volunteers. 

The next training is on April 12&14th from 5:30-8pm at Church of the Dunes.  If you would like to get involved, contact Lynn at or 616-414-0295.

Family Arrives!

Watch the joyous reunion of the Al Masri family at the Grand Rapids Airport on March 8, 2022.



The Al Masri familiy arrived safely in Grand Rapids.  Praise God!

More details about their joyous homecoming soon!


“Strength For Today and Bright Hope For Tomorrow” 

from Great is Thy Faithfulness

What a swirling flurry of activities have occurred in the past 2 weeks. All were related to preparation for Miriam and Ahmed’s family arriving from Lebanon tomorrow! Trips to barbers and hair salons, purchasing new outfits to wear to the airport, Grand Rapids Mediterranean Island grocery shopping to pick up LOTS of food that the young Al Masri family will love to eat together with the Ali Al Masri family, sweets and treats for Farah and Moaaz, and rearranging of Marah’s LARGE bedroom to host the family for the first night at least! 

Palpable and contagious describe the vibes well. Moayad already has plans for his brother-n-law Ahmed to come watch Moayad play soccer on Thursday March 10th, and Marah secured a driver to go to the West Michigan Friendship Center this Friday night so she can Introduce Miriam to their Grand Rapids friends! 

Last night we shared food with the Al Masri’s as well as hymns of God’s faithfulness and provisions over all eternity, and especially the last 8 months. With Arabic interpretation by Abeer from upstate New York joining on speaker phone and written hymn translations, which Kholoud read to Marah and Ali (he stayed home due to not feeling well), we shared a sweet time of praising our Triune God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and praying. We shared prayers for the safe travels of Miriam’s family, who should be in the Beirut airport right now as I write this and will arrive Tuesday at 10:51pm in Grand Rapids.  

Prayers were offered for God to be the source of strength, comfort, and encouragement for Mirvat, as she remains in Lebanon, a widow with her two young sons Yahya and Ali, remaining in refugee limbo. And we remembered Mohammed, their first-born son, living and working now in the Netherlands with secure refugee status, but still separated from his family. 

May the Church rise up to be the hands and feet of Jesus among the World’s refugees as they love the fatherless, the widows, and orphans… in Syria and Lebanon, in Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Iraq…..This is such a good reminder that for Jesus Christ followers, this world is not our home, we are just passing through to the eternal home God has prepared. May we share that HOPE, even as we work daily to make the new American home comfortable for ALL  the extended Al Masri family.

Prayer needs:

  • Continuing to look for affordable housing for the Al Masri’s .

  • Praises for the jobs and income that are allowing them to start to save.

  • Need for tutor for Ali and Kholoud for taking a written driving test. This is urgent brecause if they move from their location, they likely will need to drive themselves to their jobs. Right now they get rides from co-workers.

  • Assistance with applications for permanent residency/ Green cards, etc.

Continue to pray for, visit with, and share life experiences and adventures with our Al Masri friends! 

As God wills, always,


Family is Coming!!!

This is a brief update regarding MARCH 8th.
The Al Masri's daughter's family arrives March 8th at 10:51 pm
All Shores Church is the Co- sponsoring Church with Bethany Christian Services for this family. There will be All Shores Team there to welcome Miriam, Ahmed, Farrah and Moaaz Al Masri ( yes- same last name!).
Jessica Jones will be transporting all the Al Masri's to the airport except for Ali ( he will be working and getting off a little early). Ginger Downey will pick up Ali and get him to the airport. If you are interested in being a part of witnessing this joyous event and fulfillment of thousands of prayers, please contact Kris Jones @ 734-620-3980 or Ginger Downey @ 231-881-0231 for further details.

Celebrating Birthdays, New Jobs and New Friends

update | 2.23.2022

Food, amazing food, sincere hospitality, and generosity! Kholoud is the embodiment of a Rich Mullins song, First Family, with the following lyrics:

Mom could make a gourmet meal
Out of just cornbread and beans
And they worked to give faith hands and feet
And somehow gave it wings.”

First Family Lyrics

Kholoud wears her hajib and performs her prayers 5 times daily unless she is at an appointment. She lifts her hands with tears or smiles and says in Arabic, “as God wills.” And she prays for her loved ones wherever they are, as her family is EVERYTHING to her! I was reading about Syrian culture this week and learned that a married female is referred to as the wife of her husband until she gives birth to her first son. From that time forward she is referred to as the mother of her son, in this case Mohammed. But Mohammed is in the Netherlands! That little bit of education gave me a greater understanding of the heartache she carries daily, that her family is apart, scattered over 3 continents.

February has seen the celebration of Kholoud’s birthday and Marah’s 12th birthday (today), with loud, noisy, musical, and colorful fanfare. Covid 19 has interfered with several gatherings this winter, but Marah’s big day was NOT to be dampened! The cake needed to be large, have pink, and have a hand-picked picture of Marah on it! Thankfully Wal-Mart accommodated! As for the added gold beads on the frosting, Kholoud squealed “Very Syrian: this is good!” This is a day Marah has invited her teacher and language tutors to her home to meet her family, and Kholoud has cooked her traditional tabbouleh and grape leaves to complement her buffet of nuts, seeds, fried chicken, popcorn, sweets, sweet drinks, and cake. Marah and the color pink will be wildly celebrated!!

                The greater context of the above preparations is that Kholoud began a new part-time job on February 13th: 7.5 hrs/week sweeping and dusting a manufacturing campus with a crew of workers on Sundays from 6am-1:30pm. At $18/hr!!! Her new supervisor provides Kholoud transportation to and from the job FOR FREE! This is in addition to her recently started employment from the State of Michigan as Malak’s Home Help Provider for 103 hrs/month! Kholoud’s jobs with Ali’s salary at Pliant Plastics should allow them to meet their monthly expenses, still using the biweekly food pantry and food truck to supplement their groceries. They’ve both practiced writing checks for bills this month and Ali has paid one phone bill online with his pre-load bank card. All of these are definitely “works in progress” but may we join them in a corporate “Praise God from whom ALL BLESSINGS flow!”

                Moayad fell, in the dark on the way to the school bus, on the treacherous ice we still had at the beginning of last week. Thankfully, he was bruised and sore, but did not hit his head or require more than one day of ice packs and rest. They have had rock salt and a snow shovel all winter, but no one in the home much enjoys being in the cold to use them regularly. After his fall, they put many recyclables to use as scoops in the salt bag and have salted more often. For all volunteers driving to their house, be EXTRA CAREFUL walking on their driveway.J

Moayad has been desperately pleading with anyone who will listen that he wants to join a year-round soccer league. Most of the people who have received these pleas do not have the inside scoop on how to research the options, but thankfully 2 volunteers do! Whether it will actually come to fruition or he will need to wait until Spring and Summer outdoor leagues, he certainly knows the love and care of those helping him pursue this dream. He has expressed another dream, entailing being a goalie that gets paid and never has to work at anything but soccer! Not wanting to crush the spirit, but wanting to foster realistic dreams, feel free to share any ideas for summer jobs for Moayad! One CLC member assisted Moayad with getting 2 bicycles in their garage “tuned-up” and tires fixed, so that he will have freedom when the snow and ice melt to explore the Tri Cities and will have transportation to employment. He remarks that his brother-in-law Ahmed, who arrives on March 8th from Lebanon, also likes to ride bicycles, so he shall have company! Moayad also has an air pump now as well as a bicycle lock. If you enjoy a cycling outing with him and he forgets the combination, it is the year of his birth: 2004 J

                Malak’s Probate Court date has been rescheduled to March 14,2022. This will hopefully be the last step to making Ali and Kholoud her legal guardians! Originally the date was February 21st. It was going to be by Zoom. Because the family requires an interpreter, the judge has called for it to be in -person. This also now requires Malak’s evaluator from Mary Free Bed to be in person for this appearance. As a Zoom meeting, there was not going to be any expenses in the entire process for the family. Now they may have to bear the cost of the evaluator spending the morning going to court in Allendale. Please pray that these fees might be waived or be minimal.

Ali is doing well at work. He and Kholoud receive a lot of financial “tips” from other Arabic -speaking friends they have met in Grand Haven and Grand Rapids. These tips may all be correct, or possibly just correct for the circumstances of the individual family sharing the information. It has made for some cultural miscommunications in the past few weeks. Navigating ideas about financial institutions, saving money, taxes and why they’re necessary, government benefits, changing benefits according to income, etc. have been daily conversations. Hours have been spent by one volunteer alone teaching Kholoud how to document her caregiving hours for Malak in the required online program for this job. As the co-sponsoring Church, we have entered a new phase. We are no longer coming alongside the Al Masri’s in a survival mode for them, but a development mode.  

When Helping Hurts, book by Steve Corbett and Brian Fikkert

are excellent resources with which to familiarize oneself if you are seeking to be intimately involved in the longer road of befriending and mentoring this precious family as they navigate cultural and economic differences in America. It is a new concept to them that it is a good sign when they get more income and their Bridge Card benefits for food assistance decrease: i.e. the government assesses that they are earning enough money to support their own food bills. There have been frequent discussions about the purpose of the type of government support they received for their first 6 months, and that it was only meant to be a safety net until they were here long enough to get jobs with sufficient income to replace that financial support. It’s a fearful time for them as they transition away from that safety net, and they definitely DO NOT want to lose their Medicaid health insurance!

Two families with tween - and teen-age girls have been befriending Marah and she loves being with the girls. Please encourage others to join in the fun of sharing social times with the kids or the entire family: it is full of smiles, laughs, surprises and usually food- amazing food. And God blesses every encounter. It would be especially great if families with teen boys would reach out to Moayad, also.

Thank you for ALL the ways each of you supports this ongoing ministry of resettlement. Every gesture of time and prayer is seen by our Father in heaven. While practicing being salt and light in the world, we are glorifying God as we strive to live missionally, sharing Christ among the nations!

As I close this update I am reminded of a verse from my favorite hymn, A Mighty Fortress Is Our God:

                Did we in our own strength confide

                Our striving would be losing.

                Were not the right man on our side

                The man of God’s own choosing.

                Dost ask who that might be?

                Christ Jesus it is he.

Lord Sabaoth his name

                From age to age then same.

                And he must win the battle.

The outpouring of love and service in this ministry is fueled by our Lord Jesus Christ: individual adrenaline and good will always fall short.  “Come, follow me” is Christ’s call as daily he equips us with whatever the needs of the day require, and his love and mercy covers a multitude of our mistakes. Join the journey!! Please share the blogs! And share the gospel!

“Halleluiah, all I have is Christ.

Halleluiah, Jesus is my life!”  lyric from All I Have is Christ



Love Is In The Air               update 2-10-22

God’s blessings continue to be revealed in the Al Masri household on a weekly and often daily basis! Malak receives glowing reports from her teacher at Ottawa Area Center. She is up @4:00am most days and is anxious to get in her Hoyer Lift sling, be swung into her wheelchair and rolled out the door to be greeted by her bus drive John and assistant Jan. Unfortunately, the bus is at 7:45am, not 5:00am, so Malak has a bit of a wait! She is much more relaxed with having her hand held and allowing others to do passive therapy and range of motion with her arms. Even shares smiles now! Soon her custom red wheelchair should be delivered! Thankfully, Malak has been healthy since arriving in Michigan, except for some chronic dental discomfort. She came without legal guardianship as defined by U.S. law. So….she has not been able to have neurological testing and oral surgery which have been recommended, until the issue of guardianship is resolved. February 21, 2022 is her Ottawa County court date, by ZOOM ,to hopefully complete a process of evaluations and meetings that began to be scheduled in August! Please be in prayer for the outcome of this legal proceeding. There are a flurry of new medical appointments that will occur for her once guardianship is finalized.

Kholoud was approved by the State of Michigan last week to be a private Home Help Provider (HHP) for Malak. She was approved for 103 hrs/month (roughly 25 hrs/week) to be paid for what she has already always been doing all along for Malak! Currently there is even a small Covid “supplement” to the wages, but this supplement is slated for elimination in September 2022. At that time the wages return to @$10/hr. This is still an enormous help for the family! Hopefully an additional part-time job will become available for Kholoud also, which allows for the daytime flexibility she needs with Malak’s school schedule. Or even a weekend job to supplement their income. Please pass any leads for such work on to me  ANYTIME! Kholoud’s English is improving daily and she uses the Google translate app much less frequently now. 

Bouquets, What’s app text messages, snail-mail cards, visitors and phone calls from Lebanon, the Netherlands and Grand Rapids brought prayers and wishes for a happy first birthday in the United States to Kholoud on February 5th. Marah was an excellent hostess, spreading their dining table with bowls of treats such as small candies, sunflower seeds (in shells), nuts and peas, popcorn freshly made, fresh fruit, tea, Pepsi and Sprite (Ali doesn’t drink caffeinated soda) and the most decadent chocolate cake with candles. With “Happy happy birthday to you” BLASTING from You Tube in English and Arabic, and lots of singing and eating, this kind, generous, hard-working woman, mother, caregiver, wife and friend was ushered into her next year of life joyfully. I am sure there will be a repeat soon, as Marah turns 12 on February 20,2022.

Accompanied by Ali, Moayad and Marah applied for their State of Michigan ID cards this week. The let down for Ali was that he thought he was going to get to take a driving test also! He misunderstood the email he received reminding him of the appointment for the children. To brighten his mood, he received a Michigan Driver’s test study book. It’s all in English though. He said he would start working on it. Anytime one of you visits with them, would you please summarize a couple of pages for him from the book? He is very anxious to be able to drive. I have no idea when that will occur, certainly not imminently, but you can’t learn to drive until you pass a test, so this is a baby step to encourage him! All of the extra language tutoring Marah has received in and outside of school were so apparent when she signed her name on her State ID form. Thank you to everyone who has poured in to her, as in September it seemed she was going to be far behind all others in the family. Now I was able to witness Moayad’s need for 1:1 English tutoring, as well as Dad’s need. Do any of you guys want to enjoy some cookies and soda, coffee or tea and spend an hour a week in English tutoring with the men of the house??? There is also a program called READ for English literacy in Ottawa County. I have requested their Refugee Education Center (REC) caseworker consider enrolling  both of them in this language 1;1 tutoring program. Please pray about finding the best ways to motivate the Al Masri men to practice their English writing, reading and speaking. 

We have reached a new milestone:  even though there was a Saturday morning Urgent Care visit, Ali has worked 3 full-time weeks in a row! Praising God for Kathy (afternoons) and Jeff (end of shift) who have been giving Ali rides to and from work daily. He always remarks how much he likes his job, too.

Marah and Moayad had another immunization appointment, but only for 3 vaccines each this time. That’s a huge improvement from 8 vaccines each in July for Moayad, Malak and Marah! Everyone in the family will get their Covid 19 booster in April, and I think that will be all for years to come. They have been really brave. The present this time was whatever snack food they each wanted from Walmart. Just so you know, Marah loves HOT SPICY chips ( Takis?- “fuego”). Moayad loves any kind of regular chips, so he picked a box of individual lunch size chips of multiple kinds. Ali and Kholoud apparently like chocolate ice cream, too ☺

It is precious to see the affection of Ali and Kholoud, even in spite of how hard some of their adjustments have been. They are so excited for the arrival of Miriam, Ahmed, Farah and Mooaz on March 8th. Please be praying for housing for the new family and the All Shores Church team preparing for their arrival and settlement. Continue to pray for the availability of HHI subsidized housing for persons with disabilities which the Al Masri’s applied for in mid-January. There is a waiting list but pray for an opening soon. A more economical rent for this family than their current $1,525/month will go a long way towards them meeting their monthly needs, paying off their $5,000+ travel loan (the airfare from Lebanon to Michigan) as well as enabling their saving for big items such as a used car in the future.

Ali’s debit card was hacked for the second time in 3 months in mid January. The have a new card now, but the 5/3 Bank strongly recommended they also apply for reloadable cash cards for Ali and Kholoud. They agreed to this and have been taught by the bank to use these cards to pay for things in the stores or online. They understand how to transfer money electronically, in real time, onto these cards when they think they are going to need to use them. If you are a friend who shops with them, please reinforce this new way of using the reloadable cards. The Al Masri’s have used MANY gift cards already, and it is exactly the same idea, except that they are putting their own money on the reloadable cards☺ . Also if anyone banks in the Ferrysburg 5/3 Bank branch, be sure to thank the employees for how comfortable they have made Kholoud and Ali feel! They have spent a large amount of time with them, and it’s a beautiful picture of small-town charm and character!  

We are still looking for more families or individuals to share in the social and Christian outreach Friday nights at West Michigan Friendship Center (WMFC). The Al Masri’s love going!!! It’s a fun way to learn more of their culture and gain skills in sharing one’s faith with Muslims. Please contact Jessica Jones (734-210-2581- Kris Jones’ wife) if you’d like more information.  I’ll be taking the family to WMFC 2/11/22. I have room for 1 more if you’re curious!!

There’s still a need for an individual to continue to train and reinforce the budgeting skills that Bethany Christian Services began with the Al Masri’s. Ali and Kholoud have written two utility checks so far this month, and several others should come in the mail in the next 10 days. I have shown Ali how to use the calculator app on his phone to keep his check ledger current. I also had him subtract the budgeted amounts for certain expenses for which they have not yet written the checks. This exercise was to show him that even though there looks to be a nice lump sum in his checking account (he checks his bank account on his phone daily), that money is already spoken for later on in the month. His eyes widened as he quickly saw the big sum dwindle to just over $100! And the Bridge card (their “food stamps”) amount will decrease again in 2 weeks when Kholoud begins receiving income as the Home Help Caregiver for Malak. If you have wanted to have some activity you could share with the Al Masri’s and thus get to know them personally, this could be it! They are aware of their need for help and are SOOOO APPRECIATIVE!

Carrying Christ’s light,


Pictures are separately attached to this email. 

January 26, 2022

Graduation Day 1-25-22

January 8,2022 was Graduation Day for the Al Masri family from the Matching Grant cash assistance program affiliated with Bethany Christian Services (BCS) Refugee Resettlement organization. This program had been paying all their rent, utilities, and phone bills since August 9,2021, in addition to providing some monthly spending money for incidentals. They also provided employment searches and initiated Ali’s new job.  January 9th opened an exciting new phase of their “independence” journey and assimilation into America, while also confronting them with the reality that they are much more “on their own'' and responsible for meeting their basic needs. They continue to have a medical caseworker, Jennifer Nielsen of the Preferred Communities branch of BCS. Jenny works with persons who have complex medical needs. Both Malak and Ali have been enrolled in her program. She will be working with the family to train them in all aspects of meeting their medical needs over the next 9 months. Think scheduling doctor appointments, arranging for Medicaid taxis to transport them to appointments (all of their specialist are outside of Ottawa County), getting medications from pharmacies and requesting translation, using their online portals to read about test results, changed orders or other messages from their healthcare providers, getting all family members to annual check-up appointments, etc. She is also helping the family with completing the guardianship procedures on Malak’s behalf. Additionally, Malak, who is connected to a caseworker at Ottawa County Community Mental Health (OCCMH) will be followed by OCCMH throughout her future. This case worker works closely with the Ottawa Adult Center (OAC) where Malak became a full-time student on January 3, 2022! Marah and Moayad will continue to be followed by Refugee Education Center (REC) out of Grand Rapids for all needs related to their schools, for as many years as is needed.

Malak LOVES school! Kholoud thought it might be hard to get Malak ready in time for the 8am bus, but Malak wakes up and crawls to the Hoyer lift sling on the floor right away, excited to be getting in her wheelchair and onto the bus. This delights Kholoud and Ali. The OAC sends home Malak’s red binder with daily papers highlighting the activities Malak participated in and sometimes includes photos of Malak, as well as personal notes to the parents. Neither parent realized what information about Malak’s days was in the binder since it’s in cursive and English, but they loved the photos. All messages have now been translated for them, enabling them to communicate that Malak needs lunches without meat or pork, but can have chicken and vegetarian, and to share some of Malak’s preferences. Malak is enjoying the library story time, 1:1, sensory activities, swings and assistive devices! She has been gifted beautiful red boots at school that she likes to wear all the time, as well as a soft black shawl. Pictures to follow!

Moayad decided to withdraw from the wrestling team in January, after struggling with a GI bug late December and a sinus cold in January. Both Moayad and Marah have had very irregular school schedules since the end of Christmas break, and it has disrupted routines and schedules at home a bit. Some days have been snow days, some, teacher training days, some, missed buses, some, no bus drivers due to too few drivers and workers out sick! Moayad assures me he has several friends at school and he lists off their names. He continues to be in touch every 2 weeks with his counselor from the Healing Center also. Grinning ear to ear, he ecstatically talks about the good news that  his sister and brother-in-law, Miriam and Ahmed, plus their children Farrah and Moaaz, are confirmed to be coming to the USA through BCS in Grand Rapids on March 8th!   JUST IN…. All Shores Wesleyan Church in Spring Lake will be their co-sponsoring church!!!.

Marah spends lots of time in her bedroom on her phone when home but loves going shopping…ANY KIND OF SHOPPING. She and Kholoud rode Harbor Transit (HT) by themselves to and from Walmart last Friday and did the family grocery shopping together. Marah is using some English at home now and corrects her parents’ English at times ☺ The children have not ordered HT yet, but Kholoud and Ali have. PLEASE, if you are with them, coach them through ordering a ride for a weekend day so that they become more and more comfortable with the procedure. Praise God, HT is STILL FREE!!!

There has been a flurry of applications and interviews for the family. Today, their application for special housing (for persons with disabilities) was submitted at the Salvation Army. There is a waiting list, but the family would be eligible for a 3 bedroom apt. on ground level when one becomes available! These apartments are on Despelder  Rd. in Grand Haven. Please pray this housing would become available quickly!. Additionally, Kholoud completed her interview for becoming a paid “home helper” for Malak, through the Michigan Adult Services division. Now she will be enrolled in the next couple of days and could receive a response from Lansing by mid-February on what amount of pay they have calculated her types and quantity of care qualify for! Please pray for a speedy response from Lansing and that this will be a significant contribution to the family’s income!

In closing, the family shall receive rent assistance for the month of February from the Grand Haven Salvation Army. In the future, they are eligible for utility assistance, but only one-time rent assistance. Please remember to support ALL OF THE services this family has benefitted from in our community. Donate food or money to Love In Action Food Bank, as the Al Masri’s go to the food truck and church pantries every other week! Much of their clothing and outerwear is from our various resale (Love In Action, Salvation Army, Goodwill)and free (Seventh Day Adventist) stores! And PRAY, PRAY, PRAY for them, for their physical and emotional health, for the health of both of their daughters’ families in Lebanon and for their son Mohammed in the Netherlands. Praises to Jesus, our Healer, for the healthy return to home of their grandson Ali, from the acute hospitalization for gastroenteritis!

“Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine”…always, (Eph.3:20)


January 1, 2022

New Year, New Opportunities- December 30, 2021

The countdown is about to begin as New Year’s Eve balls drop around the world and mark the beginning of 2022. So much hopefulness and dreams, yet still the fear of Covid 19 variants, wars, divisiveness among peoples, and unimaginable numbers of persons languishing in refugee camps on every continent. The worries for their daughters’ families has only escalated in the past week for the Al Masri family as their 1 year-old grandson Ali (Mirvat’s youngest son) has been hospitalized after a 6-day illness of gastroenteritis at home. He was severely dehydrated, vomiting still and unable to keep food down. Kholoud and Ali are beside themselves, feeling so very helpless. Ali’s brother is in the hospital with Mirvat, supporting her part of the time, while Mirvat’s other son Yaya stays with their other daughter Miriam and her husband at home. Please join them in praying for Ali’s recovery and strength to return.

The email response I received from the Refugee Information Center was polite but had no information in it. The Center states that the refugees themselves must send the email, or an involved 3rd party. Ali tells me his daughters have no access to computers to craft an email to the Center. He doesn’t know how to send an email, or at least doesn’t feel confident he will do it properly. I contacted Bethany Christian Services Healing Center and asked for guidance in this matter. They have approved our reaching out to their Arabic Interpreter for assisting Ali to send an email requesting an update on the status of his daughters’ cases. Even as you just read that, it may have seemed wordy to you, or too much detail. I want you to know that paragraph reflects over 5 hours of attempts at correspondence in Arabic, then in English, tracking down more ID numbers, reaching out to Bethany, praying with Kholoud and Ali several times, etc. NOTHING for refugees is straightforward, linear, simple,…NOTHING!

Ali proudly boasts that he started full-time work at Pliant plastics this week! He is picked up at home by a co-worker every day @1:30pm and enjoys the work. Thankfully the paycheck is auto-deposit. He remarked to a volunteer that the money in their bank account was their money to do with as they wished. January will be the first month where they are responsible for all of their bills as well as paying the February rent in the last week of January. Quickly they’ll learn that their money is needed for those obligations, not consumerism. January 5th will be a significant interview/evaluation appointment in their home to determine Malak’s eligibility for the CHAMPS government program. This program could potentially pay Kholoud for providing all of Malak’s daily care, and that pay could be as much as a minimum wage job full time! Ali’s income alone is not enough to cover their essential expenses. Please pray for a positive evaluation on January 5th and acceptance quickly into this program. 

The family used most of their gift cards received at Christmas to purchase an enormous TV for their living room. Today when I arrived Kholoud was showing me the program that they all have been watching : it Is teaching English to Arabic speakers! Sitting on their couch in front of the speaker on the program is like sitting in the row in front of the orchestra pit in the theater: VERY up-close and personal! Marah is using her English more at home as are both parents. Everyone but Moayad is complaining of gaining too much weight since their arrival from Lebanon. Marah was gifted a jump rope that lights up. It is the source of many laughs. They are resistant to walking on the sidewalk outside. The women in the house may dance for exercise once Ali has left for work! Ali has been losing weight since starting work and he beams when showing his progress. They were also gifted a scale which can be a source of encouragement as they see tenths of pounds come off. They were a little frustrated at first that the scale is in pounds, not kg, but they are getting used to the fact they are in America, and kg is not the norm in the grocery store or on scales!

They are using their large calendar regularly now, which is preventing mix-ups with transportation and visits. Malak’s Psychological Evaluation for Guardianship appointment was completed in record time and both parents were deemed to be capable of being her guardians. Now this evaluation will go to the courts and a ZOOM appt. will eventually be made in February or March to finalize guardianship. Praising God that this appointment was done pro bono at Mary FreeBed!

The parents practice getting Malak in and out of the wheelchair with the Hoyer Lift and Malak loves it! They all seem truly excited that she will be starting school on January 3rd. A few volunteers are working on getting Marah “out and about” for more social activities as well as creating visit time with friends from school or the West Michigan Friendship Center in Grand Rapids. Moayad will resume the wrestling team on January 3rd when school resumes. In the meantime, he is thoroughly enjoying the PLAYSTATION gift he received for Christmas from an anonymous family. Ali made his first call to order Harbor Transit by himself, and he and Kholoud have a Harbor Transit “date” tomorrow from 10:00-1:00 at Walmart!

Please encourage them to call Harbor Transit and practice making appointments or setting up rides on Saturday mornings when none of the family are working. Ali exclaimed, “Now I can go wherever I want, anytime!”

They were showered, or should I say monsooned with generosity in presents over Christmas! Today I showed them the CLC Newsletter that shows the photos of all their children. I explained that Covenant Life Church members are praying for all of them, regularly. The tears flowed from Kholoud’s eyes. That was such a tangible way to connect the Church, all of you, and their family together, and provided a perfect entrance into praying for each of them. I love how all of you have made their resettlement be flooded with evidence of God the Father’s provision, the Son’s love, and the Spirit’s comfort!

Happy New Year to all. 


December 20, 2021

Weeping for One’s Children

The anguish that torments Ali and Kholoud multiple times every day is unimaginable for me. They spent 4 years within Syria moving constantly for safety with their family, before finding a way to Lebanon in 2013. They managed to keep their family together through the difficulties of refugee living and were all set to immigrate to America in 2016, together. Then there was a change in the government in America and their situation was stalled in limbo…. For 7 ½ years! In that time, 2 daughters married and had children. And now one (Mirvat) has become a widow with a 1 and 3 year-old. Their other daughter Miriam, and husband Ahmed, and their children Farah (5) and Moaaz(3), were supposed to come to America with Ali and Kholoud’s family on July 13, 2021, but at the last minute did not receive the final clearance stamp reportedly. And finally, Mohammed, their 18 year-old son left Lebanon and made it to the Netherlands and has recently been granted asylum there. Thankfully, he is working, has food ,and safe housing there. 

Ali and Kholoud, who struggled for 11 ½ years total to keep their family together and safe, finds them now worlds apart, and in Lebanon, in the midst of severe economic disintegration: electricity is scarce, access to health care is prohibitive, and basic needs are wanting. 

Christmas is a joyous time because of the gift of the incarnation of our God as our Lord and Savior Jesus. But when that is not your faith, the lights, music  and gifts are superficial. The greatest gift the Al Masri’s pray for daily is reunification with their children and grandchildren. There is much opportunity in their experience of longing and calling out to God to pray with them, remind them our triune God never slumbers or sleeps, remind them that he knows every single sparrow, and numbers the hairs on our heads and LOVES US. Remind them of his power and grace embodied in Jesus Christ. They are very moved by prayers. And take them a nativity picture or set to explain the Christ story over tea.

I also sent a scribed letter off to the Refugee Resettlement Center on Ali’s behalf this weekend, requesting updates on the status of his daughters. It was very moving toi see Kholoud pull out the vital documents and small official stamped papers, identifying them as Syrian refugees. In this little bag is their “identity” and the identity of their daughters. Very powerful and sacred  time. Evidence in the well worn papers that God has protected them through many travels and moves. BUT THEY ARE NEVER OUT OF HIS SIGHT!

Please pray with them for their children. They are:

Miriam, Farah, Moaaz, 

Mirvat Yaya,Ali, 

Mohammed (adult male ). 

May the coming of Christ the Savior of the World be your joy this Christmas!


December 14, 2021

Joy, Joy, Joy!!! 

At the outset I apologize for any news I leave out in this latest blog…wonderful things are happening between Kholoud, Ali, Malak, Moayad, Marah and ALL OF YOU and I can’t keep track of everything I hear from you. Know that it is all being used by our Father in heaven to reveal his love and the love of Christ to this family. The time invested in being WITH them reminds me of the name Emmanuel, God WITH us! Your Presence is THE BEST Present, for it is through our friendships that the Spirit of the Living God is revealed (in addition to a myriad of other ways)!

The adage that “a picture is worth a thousand words” rings very true and so this blog has LOTS of photos and less narrative. Then photos are a separate email. Kholoud, Marah and Moayad enjoyed the Grand Haven Jingle Bell Parade on a mild December evening and took in all the lights, music and floats with Covenant Life Church friends. They have all continued to participate in the Friday dinners at the West Michigan Friendship Center and Marah won another gift card for winning Bingo! For those who are unfamiliar with WMFC, it is a non-profit providing a place for community, connection and conversation for refugees, immigrants, and visitors to this country, sharing God’s love through friendships.  For more information, talk to Jessica and Kris Jones, Ginger Downey, Roger and Judy Sellon, or go to

Besides just transporting the family to the lovely Friday dinners, we hope to be signing up to host the dinner at the WMFC on a monthly or bi-monthly basis.

Malak has had the most changes in the past 2 weeks. She embraced her new Hoyer Lift after loud resistance and fear initially. Now she crawls right onto the sling and loves the “ride.” Ali and Kholoud learned the proper operation of the lift and the safety steps at once. It is such a relief to not see them using their backs to try and lift her in and out of the wheelchair! Unfortunately, the configuration of their bedroom furniture precludes using the lift to get Malak into the shower. Ali assures everyone “No problem, I don’t plan to renew my lease and we will find more economical housing with a better bathroom for Malak!” Please join in the prayer for this need!! They would like to relocate into Grand Haven to be near doctors, dentists, Grocery stores and bank.

Malak also had her individual Education Plan (IEP) meeting this week at the Ottawa Adult Center in Allendale (OAC). She has been found eligible for 5 day/week school, and it will commence on January 3rd. There were 18 persons at the IEP meeting, explaining all the results of months of evaluations (mostly done by observations) by PT, OT, Teachers, Psychologists, CMH, the parents with an interpreter. Malak and her parents received a tour of the center and the smiles on the faces of Kholoud and Ali as they saw the abundance of equipment, swings, helps, , etc. was so heart-warming. They kept saying through the interpreter that they wished everyone to” be patient with Malak as she adjusts to her new environment: we are sure Malak will love all of the staff working with her once she gets to know them!” Please join them in praying for a smooth adjustment for Maklak and the staff, and that she will learn new daily living, communication, and mobility skills through this intensive program. She is eligible to be at OAC until June of 2025. I have included pictures of some of her classrooms and the library.

Kholoud received her State of MI ID today!! And they both received their new bank checks with BOTH of their names on the account. Plus new bank debit cards were received and activated. Two weeks ago, Ali was scammed by phone to purchase Arabic stations on their TV. Fortunately, he never understood how to activate his first debit card, and so the scammer kept calling him for his money. I see God’s protection over them because he was ignorant of the dangers of giving out his debit card number online or over the phone. The personal banker at 5/3 Bank was able to explain this well to him and Kholoud and today they could repeat to me the safe ways to store and use their debit cards.:-)

Ali is still only working 3 days /week and happy at work, proudly modeling his safety glasses and his employee badge. After hearing about Malak’s school schedule, I am unclear what type of employment Kholoud will obtain with a flexible enough schedule for Malak’s schedule, but God knows their needs! Please pray that SSI is QUICKLY approved for Malak, which will provide additional income for the family. Kholoud has heard through the CMH OT that Kholoud may be eligible for income as Malak’s home helper. This has not been presented by Bethany at all, so there is confusion regarding this. Pray that if that is true, that it would be clarified soon. There is anxiety about how Kholoud can work and take care of Malak. 

Very dedicated English tutoring continues Sunday afternoons and ZOOM ESL on M-Th mornings. Drivers are still taking Kholoud grocery shopping as well as to the pantries and Food Truck. BUT…they have been trained at home on how to call and order Harbor Transit! They have index cards to carry with them with the steps to follow, and they have a large orange sheet on their refrigerator with Harbor Transit steps. They wrote notes in Arabic next to each step. If you are visiting with them, please make practice calls together ☺.

So thankful for God’s gift of Jesus Christ as our Savior. As we engage in gift-giving during this season, with the Al Masri’s, may we find our unique ways to point to the greatest gift of all. - Ginger

December 1, 2021

Thanksgiving, Snow, and Frost Breaths

The hours of daylight have been waning, but the activities of each day for the Al Masri family have continued to expand. As daylight savings time ended, they had one missed school bus in the morning, and many questions about why clocks changed. The coats and boots that numerous families helped them purchase have now been worn and the warmth and protection they offer has been greatly appreciated. All but Malak and Ali want to run and get in the car without coats for drives to appointments or social gatherings. Progress has been made to at least get them to carry their coats on their arm to have them with them in the car in case there would be a need to be standing outside in the winter air due to a flat tire, a breakdown or an accident. Marah loves to exclaim “ No need… car warm!” The coming of the snow has provided a tangible reinforcement for the need to have cold weather apparel with them at all times.

Ali has had numerous medical tests and thankfully they have all come back with results that are easily managed either with medication or just annual follow up tests. He has been able to start work at Pliant Plastics on the 2nd shift, three days a week at present. Hopefully within the next few weeks this will increase to full time for him, continuing with the 2nd shift. His work hours are 2:00 PM to 10:30 PM. He is walking to work, as Pliant Plastics is exactly one mile down Taft Road from his house.

Malak has had a flurry of appointments with her Community Mental Health (CMH) Case manager and Ottawa County physical and occupational therapists. They have been to their home to evaluate the durable medical equipment needs and alterations to the home that might be needed to make her care physically less taxing for Kholoud and Ali, as well as providing more opportunity for participation by Malak. This team of professionals is reaching out to the landlord to see about adaptations for the shower and they have obtained scripts from her Primary Care Provider (PCP) for a Hoyer lift and other equipment. The Hoyer lift will be delivered Dec. 1st and training in the home for the parents and Malak on its use on December 6th. Malak also has a tour of the Ottawa County Adult Center in Allendale on December 13th. This is where the team of approximately 12 Professionals who evaluated her in November have determined would be the best fit for her needs and age. At that evaluation she was observed by a school psychologist, school occupational and physical therapists, teachers, etc. The current goal is that she will be able to be enrolled immediately after the New Year's holidays. Once she becomes a student at the Center, she will be eligible for County provided transportation to pick her up and return her to home at the end of the school day. This should be approximately an 8-hour day that she is gone from the home. From the very outset of when the Al Masri family arrived in Michigan, they have been included in the plan for this outside-of-the-home center-based education for Malak with the intention that Kholoud will be able to work during hours while Malak is at school. Malak had an additional appointment in Grand Rapids at Mary Free Bed for a wheelchair evaluation so that she can receive a custom wheelchair for her needs. She has been fortunate to be using a sturdy and safe wheelchair donated by Love In Action for the last four and a half months, but there are wheelchairs with more adaptations for what she needs that could now be ordered for her through Medicaid. 

An interesting  and perplexing piece of information was discovered when Malak had her first dental appointment in August. She needs to have general anesthesia in order to have dental work done. There is no legal designation of her parents as her guardians and so she was not able to have the dental work performed as of yet: she needs a guardian to sign her papers. Bethany Christian Services and CMH were able to eventually obtain pro bono services at Mary Free Bed for the psychological evaluation that must be performed as part of the legal documents submitted for a guardianship request. This is a great benefit for the family, as these psychological evaluations can cost hundreds of dollars otherwise. Malak’s evaluation will occur on December 27th. Hopefully, Ali and Kholoud will become her legal guardians in the early part of 2022.

Kholoud and Ali are making great ESL progress and practicing their new language frequently. Face-to-face conversation is the most helpful for practicing. Unfortunately, they have had to transition to ESL class via zoom due to the constant changes to their calendar and add-on appointments for Malak and other family members. When both adults settle down into their work schedules and Malak is in school it may be possible to resume taking Harbor Transit to ESL class in person. 

Kholoud and Ali roasted their first American Thanksgiving turkey and ate it in true Middle Eastern style, sitting on their beautiful maroon carpet cross-legged and eating on the floor. They are definitely transitioning from just physical resettlement to the emotional and psychological embracing of their new surrounding culture and history. Due to COVID 19, Covenant Life Church did not have a live Thanksgiving service. Many individuals who spent time with them in the second half of November have taken advantage of the season of Thanksgiving to pray with them giving thanks to God with them and to build this friendship.

Marah is making tremendous progress in English and at school, according to her case manager at Refugee Education Center, who is the liaison with the Spring Lake Intermediate School. Both she and Moayad have missed the school bus a few times and this has only been found out later in the day, as they have just stayed home with Kholoud and Ali. Their duplex neighbor Terri, who works from home, has generously offered to transport them if that occurs in the future. This has been communicated to the parents and the children. This is an incredible blessing as with the winter weather and construction, Harbor Transit could take all morning to get back out to Spring Lake to get them.

Answered prayers for the Al Masri family include: 

  • Ali likes his work, Malak is nearing enrolling in school, Moayad is loving wrestling and once again has phenomenal coaches and families assisting with scheduling and transportation, Kholoud is very connected with her ESL program and some Sudanese friends locally, and Marah is making friends and enjoying “girl things.” 

  • Kholoud received her SS card, finally!

They are extremely appreciative of the friendships extended to them and all the helps they have received. Though they have many reasons to be exhausted and weary of the processes involved in resettlement, they have shown great fortitiude and perseverance. Let us not grow weary as we walk this road with them!

Now we enter a concentrated 6 weeks of transitioning them to “independence” in the Tri-Cities area! January 8, 2022 is their graduation date from Matching Grant assistance program, and except for the case management for Malak and Ali for complex medical needs, there will be no further Bethany affiliate involvement with the family after this date. REC will continue indefinitely to be the school liason for Malak, Moayad, and Marah, though. So…this some of what this entails is:

  • Training them to order Harbor Transit for themselves for their common needs such as rides for shopping, 5/3 Bank, Walmart pharmacy, Health Pointe appts., etc. It does NOT mean we never drive them for such things, but it will not be all of the time

  • Reminding them to write everything on their big calendar so that they don’t have scheduling conflicts

  • Paying their own bills with a budgeting “buddy” to continue training in check writing, budgeting (there’s a good initial budget from Bethany), and building a relationship with Covenant Life Church’s care Ministry

May this Advent Season remind us to include the Al Masri’s in our preparations to receive the Savior of the world into our hearts and lives. There is much turmoil in our country and the world, but our joy transcends our sorrow, for the Lord HAS COME! Alhamdulillah!!

November 10, 2021

Pumpkins, Gourds and Friendship Gatherings 11-9-21

October is a “wrap” and the Al Masri’s are heading full steam ahead into November and the numerous autumn holidays! The Spring Lake Schools had celebrations for the “Festival of Fall Colors” which happened to be the last day of school before Halloween. The students were invited to dress up for this occasion. After 2 weeks of unsuccessfully searching for a “Cindarella” dress which was Marah’s wish for a costume, a bright purple “vampire” dress was found and Marah was pleased as could be! She wore it to school AND to the West Michigan Friendship Center dinner that Friday night!  Moayad was completely unrecognizable in a creepy mask and gnarly gloves outfit that was very monster -looking! They both enjoyed an outing with Kholoud and CLC families from Upstreet to view pumpkins and Jack-o-Lanterns. No trick-or-treating per se this October, but they had their first exposure to the splendor of the color changes of leaves, apple cider, and the smell of wood burning smoke from chimneys. The West Michigan Friendship Center dinner on October 29th was a huge hit. Marah won the gourd-painting contest and received a $10 gift card to the Dollar Tree! She was ecstatic! (And Moayad was wishing that he hadn’t felt ‘too old” for such an activity. Marah found another girl that night who was about her age, and they were inseparable all night. Kholoud sat with a few women and talked continuously with them for 2 hrs! Ali and Moayad learned the scoop on what stores often have cheaper merchandise than even Walmart! They are becoming thrifty consumers in their new homeland. 

Moayad is asking to get a part-time job, but he is also starting the wrestling team. This winter sport will have practices after school every day and some tournaments on Saturdays. The Refugee Education Center also informed me that immediately after Thanksgiving, Moayad’s schooling will intensify in the academic subjects. If anyone has any leads for work he could do just a few hours on the weekends, let me,  Kris Jones, or Diane Wiersema know.

ESL classes continue in-person, but unfortunately Ali has had to participate by ZOOM more than in-person due to numerous appointments and fatigue with headaches. He and Kholoud are very quick to weep when describing their intense concern for both of their daughters’ families in Lebanon. The living conditions are dire for refugees there, with minimal electricity, unclean water and limited food. There has been no news still on Miriam’s family’s date to come to America. That is their daughter that was supposed to come with the Al Masri’s in July. Mirvat, their widowed daughter, has not had her “case” assigned to any refugee resettlement organization as of yet. Please join them in praying for these families and their speedy reuniting with the Al Masri family in Michigan.

Malak is about to have numerous lengthy tests and assessments to determine what is the best outside-of-the-home, center-based program(s) in which to enroll her. She is eligible for ISD School until she is 26 years old. Physical, Speech, and Occupational Therapists as well as a school psychologist will all be assessing her on Friday, November 12th.  She recently had testing in Grand Rapids to further assess her epilepsy.  She had severe mood /personality changes on one medicine, therefore that was stopped. The family has been prepared by their neurologist that it could be a long “trial and error” process to find how to diminish Malk’s chronic number of daily seizures. All of Maklak’s specialist appointments entail travelling to Spectrum Grand Rapids to be seen. She has a very involved and communicative neurologist, but these are long days in Grand Rapids. She  will also have a wheelchair assessment done at Mary Free Bed at the end of November. She is still awaiting her home evaluations by P.T. and O.T,. to determine what durable medical equipment is needed for lifting, bathing and transporting her. This too has been a confusing process, as requests for equipment in the home have been submitted to Bethany and her doctor since August 1st! Today her applications were submitted to the Social Security Administration for SSI/Disability benefits. This is a very drawn-out process that has already been delayed by 10 weeks because of a typo on her birthdate for her initial Social Security card. SSI can take 1-12 months to be determined. This monetary benefit is a critical part of the Al Masri’s being able to meet their budgeted expenses, as detailed by Bethany Christian Services. Please pray for this application to be reviewed and approved quickly. 

Kholoud has still not received her own SS card. This is an added stress on them, as they have been waiting for it for almost 3 months. There are no answers for the delay, except she is told that because her last name is different, her application was not “bundled” with the rest of the family’s applications. No social security number has delayed being able to add her to their bank accounts and to order checks. Additionally, it will be a large hindrance to seeking employment. Please pray that her SS card application is processed and approved at once!

Ali has had numerous medical appointments for chronic concerns. Several volunteers have been taking him and the rest of the family to appointments that range from Grand Haven to Grand Rapids, to North Muskegon, Ludington and Muskegon Hts. He also has his pre-employment physical exam tomorrow, and  is schedule to start work at Pliant Plastics on Tuesday 11/16/21. He was offered a part-time job initially on second shift. Pliant Plastics expects to increase him to full-time once he has become accustomed to the job.

There is much more I could share, but this is a snapshot of where they are at and some prayer requests.They have found some comfort in their socializing at the West Michigan Friendship Center(WMFC). There they can converse in their native tongue and Marah is making friends. The Jones’,  the Downey’s and the Sellon’s, plus the VanderSlik’s from All Shores Wesleyan Church have volunteered to bring a Friday dinner to the WMFC. If you have an interest in joining with us to do this another time, please contact any of us. It is a beautiful way to shower these Arabic -speaking Muslim families with Christ’s love!


October 27, 2021

Turning the Page into a New Chapter 10-23-25

It’s incredible, but it has been over 3 months since Ali, Kholoud, Malak, Moayad, and

Marah stepped through the security doors at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport and

began their life as residents of the lakeshore in West Michigan! They have embraced the Spring

Lake-Grand Haven area and think of the warm and extensive network of volunteers they have

met as “family”. When someone asked this week if they wouldn’t want to move to Grand

Rapids to be closer to their Middle Eastern comforts of a large Arabic-speaking community

and familiar foods, the response was “No, No, No, the men (visitors, neighbors Jerry Erdmann

and Tom Daniels, and the ramp- building crew) and Covenant Church people, these are our

family!” There is no little act of kindness, generosity, labor, etc. that they have missed and they

are astounded by the love and warmth of all whom they have met.

Thursday, October 14th was the “farewell” home meeting with their initial Bethany

Christian Services (BCS) Case Manager Silvia. Her role in their resettlement has come to a

close. BCS is only involved for the first 90 days from a client’s arrival in Michigan. The Al

Masri’s continue to have a Refugee Education Center (REC) Case Manager for the children

and Malak, who is their liaison with all-things school-related. Malak has her own Medical Case

Manager now for the next 9-11 months. There is an Employment Specialist who is the liaison

for skills training and employment assessment for the parents. And there continues to be a

Matching Grant Case Manager overseeing their financial assistance until January 8, 2022. Ali

has had one job interview at a factory, but no specifics have been shared with him or CLC yet.

We petitioned for an extension in their financial assistance for several weeks past the January

8th “Graduation Day” so that he and Kholoud could participate in more ESL training, potentially

making them eligible for a wider variety of jobs. Their financial program is not permitted to

extend their assistance, so Ali particularly is anxious for more job interviews! If you have any

leads, let Kris Jones or Ginger Downey know!

Ali and Kholoud graduated from ESL “1” to ESL “2,” and their ESL teacher repeatedly

remarks on how quickly they are learning. There have been several more training days at the

pharmacy, doctor’s office appointments and the bank. The employees at all of these venues

have been so patient as the parent’s learn, and eager to help them. Last week Ali and Kholoud

completed a full medical appointment with Malak, utilizing Harbor Transit that was arranged for

them, from start to finish without a volunteer’s assistance!!

Ali has obtained a beard and hair clipping set and is embarking on his own haircuts and

trims. He is very pleased with his abilities and grins ear to ear when showing his skills! Ali also

obtained his first ever pair of eyeglasses: bifocals! It was hilarious watching his expressions as

he realized he could see detail far away now. He read all of the posted phone numbers on the

Shoreline Vision door from across the parking lot with his new “eyes,” and he is loving it!

Kholoud also chose new red frames for her glasses. They were amazed that all of this is

covered by their health insurance.

Thanks to intensive family shopping by multiple volunteers last week, the family is

outfitted well with true snow boots, and none too soon as the U.P had flurries last week :-)

Gloves and hats were acquired yesterday with a volunteer, and the newest report is “They are

all set!” Praising God with them for our tireless volunteers and the fabulous organizations in

the Tri-Cities which make obtaining the necessities of life feasible to those with limited financial

resources: Love In Action, Seventh Day Adventist Family Center, Goodwill, Salvation Army,

Hope’s Closet, etc.

There was a mix up between school, the Michigan Immunization Records’ software and the

Health Department, resulting in an urgent early morning trip to the Kent County Health

Department (GR) last Thursday for Marah. When I say early… I mean early! But all was taken

care of and she was back at her school at 9:03am ( it starts at 9). She was so eager to get

there and run to her class, thrilled she had not missed part of the day! When I recall how

exhausted and confused by school she was those first couple of weeks of September, it is

obvious she is settling in well. She bolted from the car with a huge grin and shouts of

“Shukran” (Thank you). The REC Case Manager also shared that Moayad received a great

report from his teachers at his parent-teacher conference last week. Their plan is to transition

him into more rigorous academic work immediately after Thanksgiving. Moayad has settled

into the school structure, roles, and responsibilities well and made friends easily through

soccer. NOW… he’s thrilled to share that he will be on the WRESTLING TEAM!!!! These athletic

outlets have been HUGE for Moayad, and HUGE time investments from coaches, team parent

drivers, scheduling by volunteers, etc. What another evidence of the enormous hearts in our

community. Moayad missed the bus one day last week, and therefore missed school for the

entire day. We can all help reinforce the need to be outside EARLIER than the school bus’s

scheduled pick-up, and also how to call Harbor Transit if he misses the school bus…

Malak is still awaiting O.T. and P.T. evaluations in the home for durable medical equipment. She

has an upcoming wheelchair evaluation at Mary Free Bed to allow for a personal wheelchair to

be ordered that meets her needs specifically. The parents have met with a director of the ISD

program, and the big plan is to have Malak start in an outside-of-the-home, center-based

program in January 2022. The assessments for this require neuropsychological testing, P.T.,

O.T., and medical evaluations. They feel confident that all of these can be completed by the

end of November, and then a plan created based on the outcomes. The neuropsychological

testing is the same testing that is required for the legal determination of guardianship for Malak.

Hopefully guardianship will also be completed by January!

Lastly ( I only mean lastly for the purpose of this blog…. there are so many more things going

on in their lives daily and weekly…), the entire Al Masri family was taken to the West Michigan

Friendship Center for their weekly Friday Night Community Dinner, with games and lots of

visiting together with Arabic-speaking families. The family had a terrific time and wondered if

they would be brought every Friday night! That is not likely feasible, but it was a lovely treat for

them to speak in their native tongue, make new acquaintances, exchange phone numbers with

fellow immigrants who understand ALL that they have been going through, etc. SO… if anyone

would like to take them on a Friday Night, they’ll be pleased to go. Various churches sign up to

make dinner for the group for every Friday, and then the church members participate in the set

up, visiting and clean up. CLC is signed up for November 12th!! We are looking for more

helpers to cook ( @ 60 people eating… we have 3 families making food so far). Contact

Jessica Jones 734-210-2581 for more information. The Al Masri’s will be taken on that

Friday night :-)

September 29, 2021

Temperatures wildly fluctuating; 3 seasons in 24 hours of time; scents of cinnamon, cider and wood burning; leaves of summer dying in blazes of color just beginning; dark, cold school-bus mornings… and rain! We may course through the first several hours of each day without really giving much thought to all of the above, but for a variety of reasons, the Al Masri family is acutely aware of all of them, ALL THE TIME, as they enter into their first autumn in America with us!

I had the privilege of listening to them share their gratitude for being brought to the United States this week, and their overflowing thanks for all of the help and love from CLC and supporting churches’ volunteers. I was present at a Community Mental Health (CMH)Planning Meeting with Bethany Christian Services (BCS) on Thursday. The CMH meeting resulted in recommendations for Malak to be enrolled in the ISD program SOON, as she is eligible until she turns 26. Additionally, Occupational and Physical therapy referrals have been requested! This should finally result in obtaining the durable medical equipment Malak and the family need to provide her care in safety for herself and them. At the end of this meeting, Kholoud and Ali said “It feels so safe here in Michigan and the people are like family for us!” “A BIG THANK YOU my dear sister and all of your honorable family” was another translation by the Arabic -speaking translator at our meeting. for their praise. Additionally, Ali received good news of a negative test result yesterday. Google Translate interpreted Ali’s response to my prayer and “alhamdulillah” as, “May God prolong your life my dear sister.” They reference God  and are searching for his provision, protection and presence in their lives. They practice their Muslim prayers throughout the day with recordings on their phones.  It is so exciting to me that every volunteer moment with them is shining more and more of the light of the true gospel into their lives, with the love and forgiveness, acceptance and adoption of them offered through Christ. They LOVE ALL visits and outings and feel so welcomed in this community.

 Their weeks are filled with school for Marah and Moayad that goes until 4pm and 6 pm (due to soccer) respectively. Ali, Kholoud and Malak start each morning as early as the others and travel together by Harbor Transit to ESL classes M-Th until noon. They frequently have medical, DHS, or community appointments like banking needs and pharmacies, or shopping outings in the afternoons. These make for long days, but they are embracing all the time investments because they are making them feel settled.

Speaking of feeling welcomed…Ali shared in a different BCS meeting earlier this week of more of the trauma of being refugees for 7 & 1/2 years in Lebanon. After leaving civil war in Syria in 2014, originally their paperwork was to be completed in 2016 and they would have travelled that same year to the U.S.A. Plans changed overnight with the change in our federal government’s administration, and 5 more years of waiting ensued. In that time, Ali describes being treated as “less than human; like we were animals. You could never question the bureaucracy or local authorities. You couldn’t speak out about humanitarian injustices to the refugees and those caught in war in Syria. We are not animals. We are people just like you. Only when we got to America did we start to see what true democracy means. People in America can have conversations about the good and the bad happening in the world. We have felt loved by everyone in Michigan. WE FINALLY NOW FEEL HUMAN AGAIN!” Please let that last sentence sink in… If I am unhappy in a store or feel a receipt has an error, I can just go to customer service and get it corrected. I have so many opportunities for my voice to be counted at the local and national level. I don’t worry about who will be listening if I speak against a policy or an official. I have never known their kind of suffering , fear, or trauma. At both meetings, with the gift of a live translator, I expressed on behalf of all of us that we think they are an incredibly courageous family and they have persevered in the face of much despair and exhaustion with fortitude. In their exhausted sleep, the God of Heaven and Earth never slumbers or sleeps and he has brought them to Spring lake for his great purposes. They LOVED IT when I said we were “just sisters and brothers from another mother!” They truly feel we are family and I hope we all get a chance to meet them soon. I have invited them to the Fall Feast Worship Service and Feast. 

Soccer continues to be the joy in Moayad’s life and the whole family loves going to his home games. Both Marah and Moayad are in need of WARM CLOTHES and outerwear, as are Malak, Kholoud and Ali. Jackets, hats, scarves, gloves, boots, polar fleece, hoodies, raincoats and umbrellas, etc.! One CLC small group has gifted some money towards purchasing some of these items, and the family receives some cash assistance for personal needs such as these items, but they need willing persons to take them shopping. The family members have their own personal tastes and just like your family members, love picking out some of their own clothes. The Seventh Day Adventist Community Center (FREE_in GH), Love in Action Stores (GH and SL), Goodwill (GH Muskegon), and Hope’s Outlet (GH) are good places to shop with them as well as if CLC families have items in good condition to donate to the family. I have added shopping trips to Meal Train website:

Please reconsider signing up SOON to help them acquire these needed items now. The children have stood at the bus stop twice without umbrellas in the rain!! And remember not to just drop off clothes without them trying them on and giving their approval. I have had many trips to take drop off bags of items to the thrift stores because they didn’t fit.

For all who have driven the Al Masri’s or helped to arrange Harbor Transit, THANK YOU. They go on and on about how excited Malak gets when she goes on the bus or a car ride- she LOVES these outings. She’s never been left with anyone but extended family members before  and so they are all greatly appreciative for the efforts that have been made for them to experience their new life here as a family unit! The outings have included many soccer games now (befriended by awesome teammate families and Coach, in addition to volunteer families)), Craig’s Cruisers as part of a Young Life outing ( Kholoud’s dream of driving came true- in a go-cart! And Ali had 3 hole-in-one’s!), shopping in the Mediterranean Island store for comfort and halal foods, and many home visits. Ali has opened a bank account and we have met with the local Ferrysburg Fifth/Third bank Manager and teller (Denise) twice. This branch is 5 minutes by car from home. Ali has deposited and also withdrawn money now and the bank staff embraced the opportunity to be their neighborhood branch and learn how to communicate with him. His account will become 2 different accounts when Kholoud and Malak receive their final required paperwork from the government. One will be the family joint account with Kholoud and one will be for Malak’s direct deposits from SSI. 

Lastly,  Ali has been learning how to pick up prescriptions at Wal-Mart, the home pharmacy for the family. It is not the closest to their home, but pharmacy errands can be combined with grocery shopping. Furthermore, CMH and Bethany Christian Services, as a result of our combined Planning Meeting, are going to request of the Grand Haven WalMart that they begin to carry halal meats and some Middle Eastern breads and yogurt. The pharmacy staff have all been very patient, helpful, and willing to learn the process of using dial-in Arabic interpreters for reviewing the different medications, ways to take them and for what  condition they are prescribed. in Lebanon, the medicines came in blister packs in all different cardboard boxes. Here, they come in identical amber plastic bottles with identical appearing labels. When one doesn’t read English, it’s hard to know what medicine is what! 

Every little thing we take for granted is new for the Al Masri’s, but they are learning quickly, with God’s marvelous, abundant grace and the befriending and encouragement of each of you!

Partners in Kingdom work,


September 15, 2021

Leaves are turning slightly, the nights are cooling down, schools are all in-person and schedules are becoming a familiar pattern once again after the unstructured weeks of summer vacation. But let us not forget that what is familiar and routine to us and our families is anything but familiar for the Al Masri family! 

Ali and Kholoud are veteran Harbor Transit (HT) riders now, most recently using HT for transport to and from ESL classes in Grand Haven. Originally it was thought that they could take Malak with them to ESL class and thus be able to learn in person and meet new friends together. The logistics of the technology required to move the classes to a main floor room that is handicap accessible have proved to be more complex than originally thought: for now they will take turns doing ESL in-person and by ZOOM.

More and more of Bethany Christian Services Refugee Resettlement specialists have been “on-boarded” with the family recently. They received tech training and have a home laptop and wifi now, they’ve initiated communication with the Healing Center for refugee trauma, and bonds have been strengthened between the Refugee Education Center (in Grand Rapids) and the children’s teachers and principals in the Spring Lake school system. They have all but one received Social Security cards and therefore should be able to obtain photo ID cards shortly, as well as open their joint bank account! They are anxious to have these first evidences of identity, belonging and independence. Not a day goes by that Ali doesn’t ask about getting a job. Please be praying for jobs for Ali and Kholoud. The expectation of Bethany and the Matching Grant Program which funds their living expenses at this time, is that by mid-October they should each have a job! As you hear of any leads on work for either of them, please forward these to Ginger Downey with specifics of name, contact information, etc. 

Malak is in the midst of numerous lengthy assessment appointments by Community Mental Health to determine what program(s) will be most appropriate for her needs. There is hope that she can go to “school” since she is only 22 and is eligible until 26 years old. Her assessments have been 3 hrs. long each time, but the CMH staff in Grand Haven have been very welcoming of the family. The assessments will also determine when occupational and physical therapy can evaluate her needs and make recommendations for assistive equipment for the family to use with her in her daily care. 

Moayad is a full-fledged member of the Spring Laker JV Soccer team, and loving it. His coach, Jeremy Thelen has been instrumental, along with player moms, Jim and Becky Baker and Amy Sheele  to make this a reality for him.  Moayad also had his first experience of missing his morning school bus. The adventure that ensued included using Google Maps to ride his bike to school, but the map took him via the highway!! Moayad is safe, school personnel went and got him when someone mentioned they saw him on the road, and his coach drove the bike home later that night! As I said earlier, nothing is familiar or routine for this family!

Marah bursts through the door at 4pm after a full day of school, tired but with her huge smile… and hungry!It is a very long day for her and she still gets rest periods during the day. Covenant Life Church volunteers have been playing beginner language skill and numbers games with her also. She loves to accompany her mother on any shopping trips.

The family continues to take advantage of the biweekly Feed America Food Trucks sponsored by Love In Action and the biweekly Ferrysburg Community Church Food Pantry. These both help them stretch their Bridge Card allotment! A picture included is of Emma VanderSlik, daughter of volunteer Keija VanderSlik on Kholoud’s lap after the food truck outing together. 

The opportunities to get to know this family and share the love of God with them are as varied as your creativity. Team up with a friend and take a walk or have tea together. They can’t wait to meet all of you!




September 1, 2021

“Alhamdulillah:” The Al Masri family begins their  8Th  week in America

Alhamdulillah means "Praise be to Allah" and expresses gratitude for his goodness. The Islamic phrase "alhamdulillah" can be used in several different ways. In each case, the speaker is thanking Allah:

  • Alhamdulillah can be used as a secular exclamation of pleasure, much as Americans might use the expression "Thank God." For example: "Alhamdulillah! I got an A in chemistry!"

  • Alhamdulillah may be a statement of gratitude to God for any gift, whether it be simply the gift of life or the gift of success, health, or strength.

  • Alhamdulillah may be used in prayer. By thanking Allah, the creator of all things, one is lifting prayers to God.

  • Alhamdulillah may be used as a term of acceptance for trials and difficulties placed before us. In other words, one can say "Alhamdulillah" in all situations because all situations have been created by God.-Islamic Phrase 'Alhamdulillah'." Learn Religions, Aug. 27, 2020,

The last 2 weeks have been jam-packed with learning bus and school schedules, rules and expectations in classrooms, as well as unusual styles of greetings and communication which are foreign to Marah and Malak. The Spring Lake H.S. JV Soccer Coach has moved mountains to include Moayad in soccer this season, including arranging every detail of transportation for him to games and practices. Both Marah and Moayad have their own school chrome books and pocket translators, but Google Translate is not perfect and there have been big and small miscommunications due to its interpretation of the childrens Arabic accents. Marah is exhausted in school and has had her schedule altered to include a rest period during the day. She has the curiosity of a child in a toy store or candy store for the very first time, but is unfamiliar with the prolonged sitting and 5th grade level of work. Marah was deeply involved in childcare for her young nieces and nephews in Lebanon and was the older one. She has lost that identity, at least temporarily, and is flooded by new responsibilities and expectations in school. This is the first Marah has ever been in school! Becky Baker is working as our volunteer school liaison between Marah, Spring Lake Intermediate School and Refugee Education Center (in Grand Rapids, affiliated with Bethany Christian Services) to help insure that as many helps as are available for Marah are utilized. Moayad has started to make friends, is on social media with some, and wonders why school cant be in session on Saturdays and Sundays also, since the buildings are available!-

Kholoud has become more and more comfortable with visiting the food pantry at Ferrysburg Community Church every other week with volunteer drivers from CLC. The family has a sweet tooth, and she loves to treat them to baked goods when they are available. She is discovering she can obtain toiletry items and paper goods at the pantry as well, and these are items not covered by her Bridge card. She has been so appreciative of the adult diapers she has been issued for free from Love In Action and the food trucks volunteers take her to twice per month. The family receives cash on a monthly basis now from the Matching Grant Program (affiliated with Bethany and Church World Services), as well as a Bridge Card with @ $220/week for food. She would like to be taken to the Mediterranean Island grocery store in Grand Rapids whenever possible to get their halal meats and familiar breads and snacks.

Ali is VERY anxious to start ESL and find work. ESL hopefully starts September 7th and will be M-Th 9-12 noon at St. John’s Episcopal Church on Washington in Grand Haven. He has had numerous doctor appointments and still has further tests. He and Kholoud carry great worry for their daughters families in Lebanon. They communicate several times daily with them and his brother in the U.K. as well as their son in the Netherlands!

Malak is in the midst of numerous required assessment appointments through Community Mental Health to determine what level of assistance and programs she is eligible to receive. These are long appointments and wearying for her and her parents. Harbor Transit has been the best at transporting her with her wheelchair with ease! The reception staff are getting to know them too.

Everyone has received their 2nd Covid 19 vaccine!!! Many praises that none contracted the Delta Variant before they were fully vaccinated.

Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah. Praise our triune God from whom ALL blessings flow, and who is with us in the midst of the joyous and difficult hours and days.

 “Moayad is on the Spring Lake JV Soccer team , please consider cheering him in person on at some point this season! Here is the schedule. “

August 25, 2021

5 Weeks in America

Love and comfort rain down on the Al Masri family from our CLC family and our broader Refugee Resettlement support community of All Shores Wesleyan and Second Christian Reformed Churches! 

Let the list of praises begin!

Doctor appointments; DHS and Community Mental Health evaluations for Malak to open doors for services she’s never had; Spring Lake Intermediate and High  School  enrollments, orientation, and “meet and greets; ” food pantry and food truck expeditions; glorious treasure hunting in the Seventh Day Adventist Community Center Store (everything is FREE) and at Love In Action Resale Stores; intense grocery shopping training regarding weekly budget for food; lots more FUN Harbor Transit rides (Malak LOVES these and that so thrills the family); Case Management home meetings with Bethany Christian Services Refugee staff; REC (Refugee Education Center) Manager meetings in the home (and REC will manage EVERYTHING to do with school, indefinitely… for as many years as the students need assistance!!); lots of visiting  in the home; moving mountains to get Moayad’s MHSAA Sports Physical completed so he can join JV Soccer; first haircut for Moayad in U.S.A.; plumbing installation services for FREE from CLC members; and the list goes on. 

Household donations have been amazing and their home looks comfortable and inviting. They have had the opportunity to host  for 3 days a Syrian family  of 7 whom they knew for 2 years in Lebanon where they were all living!. That family, who lives in Syracuse, NY, was in Dearborn and came 3 hours farther, with their 5 children,  to see the Al Masri’s! The palpable grief continues regarding their daughter’s family who was to come to the U.S. at the same time as the Al Masri’s, and still has not received exit papers from Lebanon. Additionally, they now know that their daughter Mervat’s husband has died (he was “missing” before). Remarkable, extraordinary comfort from God has come in the form of a personal friend of our Spain Partner. This friend met the Al Masri’s at a birthday party picnic in Spring Lake and is from the same city the Al Masri’s daughters are in. She knew their neighborhood, shopping district and mosque. She was able to talk to the daughters on What’s App and will connect with them upon her return to the area. This woman was only in Spring Lake for 1 day!!!! 

Only our God sees every one of our tears and keeps them and can bring joy in the midst of sorrow. He has led the Al Masri’s to be here, in Spring Lake, immediately surrounded by CLC neighbors, and He has given each of us the opportunity to practice the works which flow out of our faith. What an honor to be his instruments of love, peace, and comfort, building these friendships and radiating Christ. --Ginger