Safety Protocols for Entering the Building

Welcome to Covenant Life Church. The church celebrates the pandemic's easing. The church welcomes those who need or wish to wear a mask and encourages all to respect the health and preferences of others.  To ensure that all on the premises remain healthy and safe, please do not enter if you have COVID-19, are awaiting COVID-19 test results, or have COVID-19 symptoms such as fever over 100 degrees, chills, sore throat, new loss of taste or smell, or unexplained fatigue. Please also report promptly to if you learn you had COVID-19 while on the premises. Thank you, and God bless your ministry and health.

Is it safe to come to church? The Science behind exposure control at CLC


CLC Reentry Plan

Reentry Update 01.10.2022

Safety Measures

In addition to frequent surface cleaning, to combat airborne virus transmission the church:

  • spaces seating to maintain physical distancing;
  • fogs and cleans surfaces with disinfectant;
  • has increased its heating and cooling system's fresh-air exchange;
  • maintains a higher-quality filter level in its heating and cooling units;
  • uses fans in open doors to remove stale air between services. 

Current Steps

  • Masks are optional though welcome everywhere.
  • The church continues to offer live-stream worship at 9 a.m. with in-home worship resources on the website, for viewing again after 11 a.m.;
  • Please see the Grow: Infants-High School link for times, days, and activities of children's, middle school, and high school;
  • Groups needing the building for ministry may contact the office to schedule times. The office is open Monday through Thursday from 9am to 2pm.

In these considerations, the Reentry Team seeks to honor God, be true to our mission of helping each other take the next step in our relationship with Christ, and be sensitive to and concerned for the safety of our members, staff, and community. The path forward will require adaptability and creativity. The Team thanks you for your patience, grace, prayers, and encouragement.


The Reentry Team

Bob DeVries

Marshall Holtvluwer

Nelson Miller

Ross Smith

Lyn VanTol

Chris Walker

Care For One Another

As a church, let’s use this current pandemic to care for one another.  Jesus taught us by example to run towards those who are the most marginalized and sick. Click below to connect to area resources and a list of pantry items that we are collecting to help our area food banks.    

Resources |  Food Pantry